How “it” happened….

Candlelight in the Studio

Since posting yesterday, I have had a lot of questions about how the blog was attacked.

To be honest, I have no idea. I have top internet security on my computer, but this doesn’t extend to the blog.

Let me tell you what I woke to…..

When I went to do my first post after having two weeks on holidays, I went to my blogger hosted page, which normally would load in 2.4secs (ah, Google analytics). It didn’t do that, it took ages. I could see the page, but it wouldn’t let me scroll down because it was still loading, then a big black bar came across the top of my blog where the dashboard bar would normally be, looking like my anti virus carrier, and showing a message that suspicious content had been blocked. To the right of that bar was a box that said ‘see blocked content’. If you clicked on that it took you to a page of text which flashed up then disappeared…sometimes it took you to a free movie site…or some other free site.

I contacted my anti virus supplier, McAfee which put me onto the tech dept. They came in an remotely accessed my computer and spent over an hour trying to fix the problem, then went away to try and solve the solution…it wasn’t my computer -phew!

However, after working on it for 26 hours, they did say it was a problem with bloggers security

…doesn’t matter, I had already called Katrina from The Media Maid to change me over to WordPress, a move I had wanted to make for some time now.

We set up the new blog and Katrina transferred my domain name and all of my content…and not the blogger virus.

Seriously, if it had not have been for Katrina’s tech savy know how, I would have had to delete my blog and start all over again. All I could think about was over 5 years of pouring my heart out, rambling about interior marvels and sharing my work with you.

5 years of my life would have gone with a click.

So, here I am in my new ‘space’ which is mine, I own it, not like blogger. Even though it is your writing/photos, you don’t own them and this leaves your ‘space’ open to all sorts of crazy things – like being hijacked.

Thank goodness it’s sorted now though =0)



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  • Test 🙂

    • Received loud and clear ;0) At least I know I’m not totally hopeless at some IT things!
      Ness xx

  • Just checking to see if this will let me comment.

  • Pretty scary stuff, but glad you got it sorted and didn’t lose the last five years of your lovely blog! I do like the look of the new one…

  • Love your new look Ness!!
    Katrina is definately the go to girl for technology.
    have a great week!

    • Thanks Trish! Katrina certainly is the one in the know that’s for sure. You have a wonderful week too and thanks for stopping by.
      Ness xx


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