Hello November….

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So, here we are, November already. As it gets cooler and the days get shorter in the Northern hemisphere, here in Australia it is heating up, daylight savings has well and truly arrived and my favourite time of year is here again.

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Our backyard is coming along nicely and the crab Apple tree I planted as a tiny plant is turning out to be the plant that heralds in the arrival of Spring here in Tassie. It is so full of blossoms now that the branches are weighted down with them. This was taken a few days ago…so many more have opened up since then.

image by me

I’m currently organising the studio for a new/old sideboard I have coming tomorrow to go on the left of the fireplace here. While I was re-organising space, I found this old frame my Mum gave me on my last visit to Sydney and turned it into a colourful whiteboard so I can write down the days items that have to be made for Marley & Lockyer. The paper is by Bespoke Letterpress, who make the most amazing papers.


image -Marley & Lockyer

Lot’s is happening right now and I am busily preparing for Christmas markets and planning our own Christmas here at home. Lot’s and lot’s of orders are going out and I have been spending the last few days sitting in the studio, listening to old crooners sing Christmas carols….to get me in the spirit you see ;0)

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Either way, I am happy

…hello November.

Ness xx



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  • Hello Ness,

    I know you have been busy but I have missed your posts. Love all the images in todays post and especially the first one. I would so love that chair and the lantern is stunning as well. Lanterns, nice ones are rare around here. That one is the picture is taller than the chair! Did you have any luck with the metal houses? I have mine on the mantlepiece, it’s stayed up there all year. I ended up only keeping one, as I wasn’t happy with the finish of the big one.

    If Christmas songs/carols don’t put you in the mood for the Christmas season, nothing will. The shops are starting to put out their decorations. The countdown has begun.

    Hope you are well. Don’t work too hard.

    Take care

    • Hi Janine,
      Thank you for stopping in. Glad you like the images. I think I have talked my Mum into the chair in image one…love that.
      Hope you are well
      Ness xx


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