All Is Calm…..

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It is starting to feel a little ‘calmer’ here. The wind down for the year has begun and preparations for next year have already begun…but I feel much more relaxed and not in ‘design mode’. There is still work going on, but not on the scale I was putting out a few weeks ago. Christmas stock has all gone and the next two seasons are well under way. It’s a great feeling.



Some new designs are under way for Marley & Lockyer with the functional range also and i have been thinking of bringing some back too, like this ‘Beauty Is Everywhere” plate, with a different pattern, for the time being though I am going to be indulging in some drawing – new designs and maybe some actual pictures too. That is a treat these days.

What about you, are you on the wind down for Christmas yet?

Ness xx

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  • So pleased for you! Seeing all your wonderful inspiring work on IG made me think how busy you’ve been for agggges now. I truly think the all is calm approach in the lead up to Christmas means you’ve got the headspace to be able to fully enjoy the festive season and the significance of those you love and care for to be around you.

    • Hi Gemma. It has been an amazingly busy year and I have lived every minute of it but this time will be good for me to clear my head and get some fresh ideas ready for 2013. Thanks for letting me be part of your #wrappingninja Instagram tag. As you may have noticed. I love to wrap.
      Merry christmas lovely!
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness! I’m totally prepared for Christmas now! so pleased. If I don’t catch you before the holidays, I wish you a very happy Christmas and much success in the new year.


    • Thank you Ann. I hope your Christmas is wonderful and your new year is amazing!! ….I’m nearly organised 😉
      Ness xx

  • Happy Christmas sweet girl…
    I’m so plotting that trip next year…
    I’m looking forward to sitting in that beautiful studio with you , a glass of Tassie wine to talk inspiration…

    Happy Christmas to your boys….hope they spoil you as you deserve…

    Hugs from the beaches Melissa xx

    • Back at you lovely. Merry Christmas to you are your Family. I will hold you to that glass of wine!
      Thank you for your support this year.
      Ness xx


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