2012: The Year In Review…

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As 2012 draws to a close, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a little look back at my year….one of the biggest years yet for Marley & Lockyer, my family and myself.

The year began with a photo shoot in January, which was huge for me and M&L and I will get to that shortly.


Along the way, the year started with design markets…lot’s of them! I was in Sydney a few times and Hobart felt like my second home. One market in particular, the Hobart Niche Market kicked off for it’s first ever event. It was a huge success. Which was great as this market, which is a  baby of St Giles, a wonderful organisation which helps children and their families with disabilities lead a more comfortable life. St Giles also helps with smaller issues like speech and behavioural issues etc and each stall holder donates 20% of their takings to this very worthwhile cause. Another first, was the Launceston Boutique Market. I could not attend the first one, but hope to be at every one from there in 🙂

The support at these events shown to Marley & Lockyer has been more than amazing…and I thank you all.


Now to THAT photo shoot!

It was the most amazing experience to be a part of Country Style’s beautiful June issue this year. Getting the chance to be interviewed and photographed by two brilliantly, talented Women- Hillary burden and Sharyn Cairns repectively was a blessing. The writing and photos told my story so well.


image – Sharyn Cairns for Country Style

This story seen a huge jump from being really busy to flat out! A great thing 🙂


Along the way there was a slide in my fitness (you may know that I am a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor as well), due to a head injury I received while digging a trench for my new kiln’s electricity supply. It was an accident and I was very fortunate to have come out with only severe concussion. Nonetheless, it set back my fitness…and I am feeling a little spongy because of it. So, that is on the cards for the next few months…get my fitness back.


There was also this to be thankful for…Mic, my Husband, surviving a serious motorbike accident. He was very, very lucky to walk away with only a few injuries and his life…the bike did not.


I managed to find my pencils and drawing pad from the pile of dust 😉

I haven’t drawn for years, aside from designing for Marley & Lockyer. The last serious piece I drew was for an Art Gallery exhibition in Burnie about 5 years ago! So it was nice to get some time to do what I am so passionate about.


There was also the huge job of renovating and moving into the new studio.


This room is amazing. The natural light is perfect, there is a fireplace (which caught fire, but it’s still there!). It’s all white -floor, walls etc…except for the chalkboard chimney breast. I love this space and am happy to be spending my days in here producing Marley & Lockyer pieces. The fact that it is a million times bigger than the last workroom, aka the ‘Sweatshop’ is a major bonus too!


I was also extremely lucky to have been mentioned in Shannnon Fricke’s new book, How To Decorate!!! If you are after a great book, filled with loads of amazing tips for your own home, then this is the one for you. Thank you Shannon xx


I had the very blessed opportunity to work with loads of Brides on ring bowls, bouquet tags and table decorations for their special days, making keepsakes they will be able to pass down to their children <3

91451468076c11e28e7522000a1c881f_7 (1)The new Functional Range was released and I was so happy with how it was received. Their are a lot of new designs on the way for this range which is very exciting for me as making plates that are both beautiful and functional is something I have wanted to do for a long time.


There has been a lot of new designs this year, as well as some ‘blasts from the past’, older designs I brought back with a slight twist. A new porcelain and ceramic range of jewelry will be fully released in 2013.


Speaking of new designs, there was this one, The Divine Wing Plate. Wow! The response was H.U.G.E!

These ones seen here are on their way into the kiln. I almost needed a kiln just for these plates!!


Another big one for Marley & Lockyer was the Christmas issue of Real Living. M&L’s products made it into a few different stories, and the styling was perfect. The Divine Wing Plates were in this issue too 🙂


Right out of the blue, well not really, but you get me, was the nomination of Country Style’s cover for the December 2011 issue in the Maggie’s Cover of The Year Award, which my tags are shown on this wonderful tree from Killacrankie Christmas Tree Farm…..it WON!


Press wise it has been a great year. With the two big glossy magazine’s, a book and some newspaper articles on myself and Marley & Lockyer and a few computer based publications, one in particular being Bespoke Magazines 12 Days Of Christmas…day 6 it was 🙂


There were so many smaller pieces to this years puzzle, but I would be here all night, and some I will keep close to my heart. This has been a great way for me to reflect on Marley & Lockyer’s year and a few significant pieces in my life…really there is nothing more to say than thank you all so much

….from the warmest place in my heart.

I hope your New Year is filled with magic…bring on the next chapter!

Ness xx



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  • Happy New Year to you and your family Ness. Good to look back on all of your success. Didn’t realize that you had major concussion, so I hope you and Mic are well and truly on the mend now.

    Take care

    • Happy New Year Janine!! Yes, the trauma was back in March…hit in the head with a trench shovel! by Mic!! Totally by accident, but he will never live it down I don’t think after the ribbing he got- even from the Hospital staff! 😀
      Hope this year is an amazing one for you.
      Ness xx

  • What a fabulous year you had! I love your drawings…I hope you find time to make more, you are unbelievably talented!
    Have a wonderful new year!
    xo Nancy

    • Thank you Nancy. I have had an amazing year. Lets hope this one brings even better things. I am going to try and make time to draw. It is something I miss and need in my life.
      Thank you again and Happy new Year.
      Ness xx


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