Light houses and Christmas decorating at home….


These little light houses have long been a coveted item of mine. Whilst browsing Pinterest looking for the recently, I stumbled across these ones on the most divine Russian blog, Design & Decor (my new favourite blog). I have found it quite hard to find them in Australia, until……


I found this little white one at Target of all places about a month and a half ago…and it was only $9.00! There were larger ones too!! It has tied quite nicely with the little tree I picked up for $2.00 at the local Nursery, my White Tail Deer antler I got from a friend and some pine branches from the garden. The ceramic snowflakes are my own from Marley & Lockyer and the little vintage style glass balls are from Typo. This little tree is at our back door, where our phone is. It is nice to walk in seeing this…especially when it is lit up at night.


I managed to find a zinc on to on (on the left), but I find it gets really hot, where the Target one has a little chimney at the top to let the heat out and it is glass lined…it still looks cute though.



They look great together.

I’m just so happy to have finally found them after years looking for some that were the right size…yay!



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  • I want, want, want… they are so beautiful

    and I also want a little tree and saw one in ROzelle the other day – a tiny little one that was $50!!! i decided I didn’t want it after all. LOL

    For the zinc house you could always light it up with fairy lights inside it instead of a candle…
    Fiona xx

    • Yeah, my $2 one doesn’t sound so bad now 😉 It’s quite big actually for the price…about 60cm tall. That’s a great idea with the lights. I have the battery powered ones around that little tree and have loads of them that I fill old Mason jars with. I will try those. Thanks Fiona.
      Ness xx

  • These are just divine. Your post has reminded me that I also saw some this week, on a trip to IKEA. The are in a light string and would just look divine on a mantle or dining table. Jennifer x

    • Oh really? My Sister is doing an Ikea trip for me while she is in Sydney…might have to send her a message. Thanks for the tip Jennifer xx


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