Our Merry Christmas Gift….


Christmas presents have already started here at our house. Apart from getting the details ready for our Christmas Eve fire and Christmas Day Family Lunch organised, we had an unexpected turn of events today…..


the early arrival of our Border Collie pup, Kodah.

Kodah was supposed to come to us the second week of January, but unfortunately her Mum has stopped feeding all of the litter and won’t have anything to do with them, so she has come a little earlier. So far she has settled in very well has had about 6 lots of milk and has spent most of the day sleeping in her new bed, near her new friend…..



…our other Border Collie, Tess who is 12. You might remember Tess from the Country Style photo shoot in June.

She didn’t seemed fussed by the new pup and gave her a few sniffs and went and laid down. She is such a sweet dog and I hope the pup takes on her nature. So, tonight I am sure will be an up and down one, filling up the pup’s belly ever few hours, but she is so worth it.

Happy Christmas to us!

…and to you and your Family too.

Ness xx



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  • Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart. The poor little guy, rejected by his mum. I hope he settles in well and Tess take well to him, and visa versa.
    Have a very happy Christmas Ness xx

    • She has settled in so well and Tess is a star with her.
      Thanks Sarah and Merry Christmas to you and your family
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness,

    Your new pup looks so gorgeous. Unfortunately they don’t stay pups for too long. It doesn’t look like it’s the runt of the litter either! I think it will work out well. Tess looks like she will be a wonderful mum to her.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Take care

    • Thanks Janine. Merry christmas to you and yours also. She has settled in beautifully and after a vet check this morning was giving the all clear. He said she definitely made sure she got some food!
      This morning she was like a little ball of energy. So cute.
      Ness xx

  • hi there-
    merry christmas! i’m a happy customer of yours.
    oh, what a sweet pup! my grandfather was a sheepherder in the
    hills of utah way before my time, but i have an affinity for
    border collies. your sweet tess and your sweet kodah. give them
    a love pat from northern california. best wishes for you, them,
    and your family.

    • Hi Diedre,
      So glad you stopped by and are enjoying your holidays. What a fabulous past your grandfather had! I love Border Collies. The most loving dogs.
      I will give them a pat from you 🙂
      Ness xx

  • How lovely that Tess has taken to Kodah so readily. Enjoy the holidays with your family and best wishes for the new year.

    • It is great. We are so lucky that Tess is such a gentle soul. Kodah climbs all over her and hangs from her tail. Tess is even sleeping next to her now. Very cute xx


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