Peonies…and a broken Wing

Christmas decorating is well under way here. Mic has turned into ‘Clarke Griswold’ and turned our outside into a light fest. This has been an amazing year for us and it is so nice to be wrapping up the year with so much wind in our sails still.

This week is the last week, before Marley & Lockyer’s online store closes for the Christmas break, and I am looking forward to having a little down time with the boys while they are on School holidays. It has meant I have had some time to finally get right into Christmas decorating and started with the living/kitchen/dining areas.

I bought these stunning Peonies from a Florist at the Niche market I attended last weekend and there smell is amazing. These flowers, along with Hydrangeas and Gardenias, remind me of Christmas and I could not think of a better accompaniment for my birdcage, which has a dried Hydrangea head (last years white ones from our garden). I added the little ‘noel’ feather I made to the top of the cage also.

Not all has gone so smoothly though

This custom Wing Plate was commissioned by a gorgeous Marley & Lockyer customer and made it all the way to the glaze firing…and broke…big time! It is the biggest crack I have ever had. Normally I never have any issues, but these big pieces have not liked our crazy weather and have been doing all sorts of strange things. This plate took a long time to make also with 82 individually made ceramic feathers on it. I can tell you that the discovery of this made for a interesting morning…and some choice words too 😉

I will be having an end of year sale over at the Facebook page if you happen to be about tomorrow evening

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  • Well poop on the broken wing…sorry about that

    • Expensive frisbee maybe??

  • sad face….it’s still beautiful even with the crack xo

    • It was heartbreaking. All that time. Xx


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