A Long Weekend….


A wonderful long weekend was has here…Mic and I took the boys out to the Glebe Gardens here in Launceston to get inspired for our impending garden ‘renovation’…there was lot’s of inspiration to be found.


All through the gardens there is something I filed on my phone to take with us back to our Old Lady for inspiration.  We sat on our old verandah and freaked out pondered about where to start on our near acre.


…but before that all happened….there were some jobs needing doing inside. I finally got to hang the curtains in our Laundry ‘room’ in the bathroom. It makes a huge difference.


Re-arranged some details inside…this one is my bedside table.


I finally got to list these new Porcelain and Wood, Vanilla Rings in the Store


Laid the new rugs in the living room and put out one of the vintage platters on our coffee table. We had Family over for dinner and the silver tray gave a beautiful glow while we all watched movies.

photo (26)

The heat we have had here with the fires has taken it’s toll on some of our Hydrangeas, so I thought I would make the most of the 5 plants that didn’t have any sun damage and bring little bunches inside…so sad that my favourite white ones wilted.

photo (24)

Believe it or not, Mic and I even got to have a sleep in…a rare treat with two little boys and a puppy about!

photo (23)

It seems these School holidays I have been in ‘nesting’ mode (no I’m not pregnant) and turned all of our cupboards etc inside out. The linen cupboard was cleaned out….


and had a huge, huge clean out of all of my decorator pieces. This is a small snippet. I sent my Sister away with a full car/boot load and still have two car loads to take down to the local Op Shop!! The basket stayed 😉



We got started on the garden today and had a huge clean out of beds, ready for fertilizing and a good dig out of the new beds.

All in all our Australia Day weekend was lovely…how was your weekend?

Ness xx



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  • sounds a gorgeous weekend, Ness. I can’t wait to see your end result garden. that nursery is beautiful. Living in Inner Sydney suburbs, I’m very jealous of your acre!!
    Fiona xx

    • It was Fiona, very productive and relaxing. One day you will have to come check it out.
      Ness xx

  • I’m glad you had a lovely weekend Ness… it looked perfect… xv

    • Thank you Vicki. Just a shame it had to end. Hope you had a lovely one too xx

  • Hi Ness,

    Glad to hear you had a fantastic long weekend. I’ve heard a lot about Glebe Gardens, must put it on the to-do list. There’s nothing like seeing all set out for inspiration. I’m only a learner so to see things set out makes things easier to visualise.

    The candles on the silver tray look gorgeous and love the lamps on the bedside table. They are a nice scale to everything else. LOVE…

    I should have done more yesterday, will pay the price today!!!! Off to make a start. Have a great day.

    Take care


    • Next time you are in Launceston Janine, you will have to go, it’s amazing! They are building a new section now so there will be even more inspiration!! Hope you get your jobs done.
      Ness xx


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