The Ampersand Lights Launch Is Now!….


The Launch of “The Cinematic Ampersand Light” is here!!

Here is where I will be releasing all the details on these ceramic lights.

For a very, very long time I have loved typography, especially vintage…even more so, light up letters. They are very hard to come by though as the really old, original ones were made from the 1880’s to the 1950’s. It was an idea originally imported from Germany to America.

World War II destroyed a lot of the originals and they have become very rare to find in good condition. So, I have come to accept I will never own one. These days cinema lights are all perspex and neon and for me the appeal has gone. So, I have made a tribute to the Porcelain, vintage cinematic lights….

THE CINEMATIC LIGHTS range….welcome first up….Ampersand.


Made from ceramic, these lights, which have a clear glossy glaze over the top, just like back in the day. These days, vintage porcelain signs are one of the largest categories for collectors…and the smaller ones are more collectable!


These lights have 20 LED bud lights in them which are run from a battery pack that takes 3x AA batteries. They will run for approx 100 hours on one set of batteries. The lights are either a warm white or a cool white. There is also half a meter of flex from the light to the battery pack, so you can easily tuck that behind a vase, books etc.


The great thing about them is because they are not a mains powered light, you can actually sit them in a pigeon hole book shelf, high on a ledge and not worry about being near a plug….or having an electrician install extra power points.

It’s portable and not too big and over powering either at 20cm x 20cm.


These lights will be released in batches. Each batch will be numbered with the batch and the number of that light in the batch

…a collectors piece in the making.


They are also TOTALLY handmade (except the bud lights obviously).

I cut each one by hand, shape it and finish it. It is fired, hand glazed (no sprays here) and back into the kiln, then it gets wired up with the bud lights…all by one person – Me 🙂 Just like they would have originally been done.



This one here is the first one I made – the prototype/test run. I was still working out how many lights it would take and have an extra two holes in mine, but that’s ok. I am just happy to own one.

There seems to be a wonderful resurgence of light up letters, particularily in America, but here in Australia we have some too.


These wonderful pieces made by an Australian company, Fromage La Rue are amazing and one day I would love to own the big red ‘n’…for obvious reasons. These ones have the little Edison type bulbs and are mains powered. We even have a store here in Launceston which has their shop sigh made with Fromage La Rues amazing lights.


These reproduction lights that have been finished to look old and rusty are from Vintage Marquee Lights on Etsy


…and this one is from Askers Creations


The cost of The Cinematic Ampersand Lights is AU$100.00 each

There will be letters available soon, but for now I am loving these Ampersands.

You will be able to buy these in my STORE

I would love to hear what you think. It’s like letting your baby out for the first time on their own.

Ness xx



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  • Ness,

    I agree with Kathy above. I enjoyed reading the information about the lit up letters. You obviously love them enough that you’ve done your research and that shone through. Really (!!) a shop in Launceston has the lit up letters, I really need to come out of my rock more often, I will have to keep my eyes peeled when I come up that way.

    I also loved reading your process of making the lit up ambersand. It’s wonderful not to have to plug in, or get an electrician to wire in another power point. I still love my fairy lights with their own switch box.

    As always I think you’ve done an amazing job Ness. Exciting to release your ‘baby’ after so much thought has gone into it. Well done.

    Take care

    • Hi Janine,
      Thank you so much for your support. I really do love these lights and have done for a long time. I just needed to be happy with what I put out there before I took the plunge and made them.
      So glad you like them and thanks again,
      Ness xx

  • Awesome Ness, they are so pretty.

    • Thanks Deb. I’m having a ball making them…long time wish. Glad you like them.
      Have a great week
      Ness xx

  • These are great Ness. I love how you keep coming up with new ideas and designs thus keeping your products fresh, new and modern (even with the vintage twist). No “resting on your laurels” in your house. : )

    • Thanks Stacey
      I really live what I do so coming up with new pieces just makes the process even better. I am just so glad you all like what I make too.
      Ness xx

  • Congratulations Ness, I luuurve it!! Your such a talented artist. Great post to go with it, I really enjoyed the history behind it.
    have a fantastic week!!

    • Thank you so much.I have long admired these porcelain lights and am so happy I can make some with a modern twist. Glad you like them.
      Ness xx


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