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Today was a treasure hunting feast! You know the days were everything you are looking for ‘falls at your feet’? Well, yep, it was that day. The boys and I headed off to one of my haunts with no particular agenda. I knew what I was looking for, but you never think you will find them at one place…on the same day!

vintage finds1

On that never ending list I have at the moment is mainly things for our Kitchen and silver and pewter is right up there. As soon as I walked into the place, I spotted the large platter with the most amazing engraving in it and little Mason, our 6 year old came to me with the smaller one. He knows the patina I am after….great eye that boy. Declan, our 8 year old found the salad servers, also on ‘the list’. We were having a great time. The hankie is from my stash. There is loads of them…loads


Another thing I am currently looking for is old wood boards, mainly to serve, and this one has such a great grain to it and looks wonderful with one of my white ceramic ‘linen’ bowls.


Who doesn’t like a big platter that has that ironstone finish? It’s an English piece, stamped Stoke On Trent. Loving the crackle finish to it…aged to perfection.


While we wandered through and I gathered an arm full, Declan found this wooden tray at the back of the shot. He brings it to me and says, “Look Mum, it was made in Sweden”. I love that he looks at the backs to see where they came from.


We also found a small ironstone crock which was made in Belgium and last week found this stoneware crock which has some initials… IC, stamped into it. For now it is making a great vessel for these berry branches.

All in all a great haul. Thankfully I had wonderful helpers!

Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness,
    Sure looks like you had a wonderful day! Loved everything you’ve shown. Great styling for the pictures by the way….makes me want to buy all of them from you!!!lol

    Declan and Mason have a great eye too! Training them young.

    Take care

    • I had a great time playing with those pieces for the post. I have missed that while I have been so busy, but I plan to make time for lots of things this year. I don’t think they have had much choice in the training part, getting dragged along with me. I try and make it a game…works!
      Hope you are having a great week lovely
      Ness xx

  • You have trained your children so well Ness. I am impressed!
    A really lovely haul 🙂

    • They have just picked it up along the way with all the places we go I think. Glad they have it.
      Ness xx

  • hi Ness, my kids are the same with understanding beauty and having an eye. i have been thinking of you as I have some old doilies that were my mum’s and i was wondering if you wanted them? She was so creative and I know she wouldn’t mind if they were pressed into clay or sewn into cushions!
    I love your finds. So good when things come easily,
    Fiona xx

    • Oh Fiona. That is so sweet of you, but do you not want to keep them seeing they were your dear Mum’s to pass on or hold onto? I would be honoured to have them, but maybe have a think about it before you give them away.
      You are a sweetheart.
      Ness xx


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