Vintage Linens….


Holidays for me are all about getting our home in order. I like things to have their place and over time ‘things’ seem to end up in other places. Such is life when you have two small children!

Slowly and satisfyingly, I have put things back in their places…even in the Studio. First up was the linen cupboard.

I have a huge amount of vintage linen in a cupboard in the Studio. Some I use to roll out my ceramic pieces and others are for soft furnishings, screen printing and the like. I love to look at them….when they are organised.


Once I had them all organised, I realised just how many vintage pieces I have!  A lot are French, Irish and Belgian. Some are Australian, Scottish and American and all are equally beautiful.


The amount of ticking pieces I have picked up over the years is staggering. A few are newer fabrics (like the top ones from Ikea), but most are vintage. They make the best cushions and I also made an old mattress out of some a few years back, which still looks as good as the day it was sewn.

newnichenov11 017

My favourite pieces are the embroidery ones…exquisite!

This one you see here on our bed is from Ireland and I was lucky enough to get two in amazing condition. One of them had a little worn patch, which I turned into this love heart pillow which has a piece of 105 year old Belgian linen to the side of it and French ticking to the back. Some pieces I can’t let go of.

I miss getting out there hunting for gorgeous linens. My eyes are always open though as you never know where you might find something extraordinarily beautiful.

Ness xx



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  • Absolutely Ness, I couldn’t agree with you more. If a piece is ment to be yours then somehow it will find it’s way to you! I was all eyes looking at your pieces. I especially love all the ticking whether it was new or old.

    Hope you are all enjoying the holidays, not long now until they go back to school, unfortunately.

    Have a great day tomorrow.

    Take care

    • HI Janine!
      I think part of the appeal of finding such beautiful, vintage linens is the hunt…for me anyway 😉
      That was only a small part I showed in this post. I have loads more and dare I say, may have to stop buying them for awhile!

      We are having lovely holidays thank you, but the boys are well and truly ready to go back to School. I’m glad they enjoy being there.
      Hope your week is going well,
      Ness xx


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