A Wonderful Wedding Weekend…



What a weekend!

It seemed to happen in a furious blur, but a wonderful one at that…and one I won’t forget for a while. On Friday afternoon, I raced about, like you do, and washed sheets, folded laundry, filed vases and made muffins for Mic and the boys as come Saturday, I was headed off to Sydney…








packed up some reading material…




and headed to the skies.

This all looks lovely, and was, until turbulence struck around about Canberra…all the way into Sydney. Flying is not a strong point for me! I left a beautiful sunny Tasmania and flew into a dreary, raining Sydney and it was cold  cool. Mum and Dad met me at the airport and we done the obligatory stop off at Ikea, so I could pick up some pots I needed, then off to Wollongong…




for my dear friend, Tamie’s wedding day on Sunday!

Tamie has been one of my best friends through high school and was even one of our Bridesmaids, so I was so happy to have been able to share in her special day. Tamie and her Husband, Glen, were married in a gorgeous rainforest setting. It was stunning. It rained, and we had to head into the little log cabin type hall next to this spot, but it was just lovely. She just glowed!





From the forest, we headed to the beach for the reception




It was a brilliant night and I also had the chance to meet up with another dear friend, who I was sitting with, and her Husband. All we done was laugh, laugh some more and cry…with laughter.

I also got to see my Brother and Sister and their families and spend some time with Mum and Dad.




..but before I knew it, it was a 3.40am wake up call this morning to head back home. Such a whirlwind weekend, but a wonderful one at that.

Ness xx



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  • gorgeous photos Ness, glad you had a wonderful weekend. your friends look very happy!
    Fiona x

    • Thank you. It was lovely, exhausting, but lovely.
      Ness xx


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