Hydrangeas, Creme Caramel & A Weekend Market….


I may have made some Hydrangea bushes a little naked today!

This morning I went out and cut, from the garden, two huge big tubs full of these gorgeous flowers to take with me to The Market in Hobart tomorrow.


there is no denying that I love Hydrangeas…we have lots of them in our front yard and I anticipate them putting on their showy display each year. These ones are the perfect shade to accompany me to tomorrows market to pair up with my linen and ceramic pieces. You may notice our two big, iron wagon wheels in the background that we rescued from the blackberry jungle I blogged about a few weekends ago. They will be making a statement in our new garden beds very soon.


Before I got too carried away with market prep, I did manage to make Kara’s Creme Caramel recipe that she has on her blog (one of my favourites)…let me just say that it is amazing and the kids called it ‘the best desert ever!’. That’s huge coming from them.

Check out the recipe here


….so that’s it for now…I’m off to market with these lovely Hydrangeas which I will be selling in bunches. If you happen to be in the Hobart area, I would love to see you there. It is at The Masonic Temple on Sandy Bay Road from 10am -3pm. Marley & Lockyer will be upstairs…come check it out!

Have a great weekend…I will be back on Monday with a giveaway!!!!

Ness xx



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