Lamps, Markets, Vintage Plates…and interviews


This week has panned out to be a lovely week. Lot’s has gone on…as it usually does…some long awaited items arrived, like this standing lamp for our living room. It gives off wonderful light at night and the wait was well worth it…I also got the table version.


My vintage pewter plate arrived to go with my current obsession collection and while I was out this afternoon, picking up our boys from School, I popped in to our little community op shop and found this gorgeous silver serving spoon. It came in a set of three…a serving forked spoon and a three pronged fork….all with a beautiful scalloped edge and the sweetest engravings.


they all came in handy serving up tonight’s dinner and go brilliantly with the cutlery we received from my Sister for our Engagment in 1996. They have served well.


Market preparation is well underway for “The Market” on the 24th of this month and I also had a wonderful interview from Think-Tasmania, who wrote a piece on Marley & Lockyer for their website. Take a look if you like. They also mentioned M&L here too. Thanks!

A new range of vintage cushions is underway and some more ceramic platters…and a very special Cinematic Light for a star currently in the music charts right now!!!


Even though it is only Thursday, it has been a brilliant week. The weather has been beautiful, and it’s forecast all weekend! Hope you are having a wonderful one too.

Ness xx



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