Platters, Blackberries & The Weekend…


…and the weekend arrived again…

It seemed to go so fast this week. So much had to be jammed into the week and the one thing I was counting on was opening the kiln on Saturday to reveal the new platter for the Marley & Lockyer range. It has a French feel to it with the shaped handle and I was so pleased that the finished piece looked great with the wing. These platters will be making their debut at The Market on Sunday, 24th February in the highlighted words to see The Market’s look book. I will be having a pop up shop upstairs…very exciting!


There will be some other shapes and designs to come too. Stay tuned for those.


I seem to be finding the most beautiful pieces lately. Most of our ‘stuff’ has been thrown out and only what is loved has been kept. I have been adding pieces like this…things I have always wanted for our kitchen (and home), but couldn’t find…now they seem to find me….and I can’t wait until we re-paint and sort out our living/kitchen area.


…but before we get to that…we had to tackle this – blackberries. We are still working on our yard, just under an acre. There has been a lot of clearing and pruning, getting the ground ready for our Autumn planting fest. We never got to eat any blackberries either as they had been poisoned a while ago and I didn’t want to take the risk.


While we were dragging out the vines, we came across a cute little nest…


with the sweetest, Robins Egg blue eggs. These babies were long gone.


I think our old neighbours over the fence took pity on us, heaving out the huge amount of vines and loaded us up with fresh produce from their amazing veggie garden…we hope to have one like that soon.


After we finished with the vines, I did get to sit down with the latest issue of Fete Press again for another read – I adore this magazine!


A quick change around on our little dining area cupboard…


then off to my Sister’s for dinner. Our dear family friend has been staying with her from Sydney and it was lovely to share a meal with him before he flies home tomorrow.



…a quick catch up on emails and the like…







then we basically collapsed into bed. After two full days of digging those blackberries out our poor bodies were shattered

…sleep was awesome!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness,

    Glad your weekend was productive!!

    The new wing platter looks stunning Ness. I genuinely think the pieces that you make are awesome. This platter is going to fly off the shelves Ness.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Take care

    • Thanks Janine. You are such a great supporter of my work and I really appreciate this.
      Ness xx

  • Oh forgot to add, love your headboard on your bed! LOVE…..

    • It is a lovely bed. We have had it for over 15 years now xx


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