Super Hot Weekend…


It was so hot here on the weekend, and although we had planned another weekend of garden preparation, we settled on a few tips to the tip and a fairly relaxed weekend instead….our sofa got a workout while we watched some movies with the boys.


I did manage to re-fill our vases with some greenery…trying to cool the house a bit by trickery!


During the week, I picked up this copy of an old style fan…it wouldn’t have done anything in this heat…lucky we have French doors to open and fill the house with the breeze from the water nearby


on Sunday…it was hot…again. So, we packed up the boys and headed out to watch my Brother-In-Law, who  races Motor cross…this is him here in the yellow…it was nail biting! He brought home a second place!!


house hold chores never let up…even when it is hot


Then last night, I came down with a head cold/super sore throat…man flu style…I felt terrible, and with a big market looming this coming weekend, not what I needed. So many orders needed to go out today.


…as well as preparations for the market to be done, loading the kiln again…and again…


After a little comfort food, I pepped up at bit. Nothing like toast, tea and vegemite!


The studio office desk is covered in all sorts of things…you know I like to keep it real and show you reality…here it is. Coffee, plates, photo props and stock!

All in all, it has been a relaxing weekend…but sooo hot…and I still have loads to do.

How was your weekend?

Ness xx



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  • Hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than market prep when you are not feeling 100%.
    Ness where did you get that rectangle wire mesh basket? I have seen a few on line, but would love to buy Tassie if I could.
    B x

    • HI Brooke. Feeling a bit better today thank you. The wire basket I picked up at Shelf Life online. It is an Australian company, not in Tassie though.
      Hope that helps. Also Dunlin Home sell them too (also Australian)
      Ness xx

  • Even after all this time reading blogs I find it funny when you’re experiencing such heat just as I cannot stand another day of snow!!!

    Hope it cools a little for you soon – blowing snow your way 🙂

    • Hi Anne! It is crazy isn’t it? We are hear longing for Autumn and you can’t wait for Spring. It is nice though, to see you guys in your Winter woolies when we are dying of heat exhaustion 😉
      Stay warm…won’t be too long now.
      Ness xx


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