Tuesday’s Treasures….


Wow! The week has started with gusto…boys are back at school and I am back into the daily creative process that is, Marley & Lockyer…I did get to have a quick stop off for a little treasure hunt, and found these beauties


Opalware is the very first form of Pyrex and a form of milk glass. This is what it started out as, before Pyrex took over the brand in the 50’s. It was then made mainly for restaurants and commercial serving. That utilitarian side of these pieces I think is beautiful. I have been lucky enough to have found these pieces…I wasn’t looking


Once upon a time it had a gold rim, which is typical for these pieces. I prefer it without. The plate has a simple diamond pattern which is beautiful.


The ‘Jobling Opalware made in England’ makers mark is no longer seen.



I was actually on the lookout for entirely different pieces, but picked these two up for a few dollars each. I may have to keep an eye out for more white treasures like this now.

…all in all it was a great treasure hunting day.

Ness xx



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  • oh my goodness oh my goodness! i didnt know these were called opalware. thanks for teachin me! i am obsessed with all things opaline glass. i have cake platters and chandeliers in it and even my high blass glasses. I just got two plates for Xmas from my MIL like these above. Now that I know what they are called, I’ll have to go in search of more 🙂 Thank yoU ! PS – i AM Loving the new blog format!

    • Thank you Bethany. Glad you like it. Opalware changed to Pyrex in the 50’s, but it think opalware sounds nicer don’t you think?
      Ness xx


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