Vintage Wooden Lockers, Tables and a Market…


This weekend passed was hot…really hot, but luckily we had one of the cooler spaces at The Market…in temperature and style. This space was amazing! Steeped in history as it is the Masonic Temple in Hobart. I could have easily taken home one of the old wooden lockers that you see in the background home with me…even this table I have my stock displayed on here was already in the room. It all went so well with my stall set up.


I had two tables in the room filled with Marley & Lockyer stock, but this old table I just loved…see the hand done lettering on the lockers? My kind of sign writing! The Hydrangeas went very well and I seemed to be giving everyone tips on how to dry them. A lot of the people who bought them had seen the photos of the ones we have in our home that I have dries on my M&L Instagram feed and Facebook page. I would love to hear from those customers to see how their hydrangeas got on.


I was so pleased that a lot of you stopped in and introduced yourselves. It is so lovely when you get to meet the people who love Marley & Lockyer as much as I do. Jane from Planet Joy stopped in and took some snaps of the stall…and one of me which I gingerly posed for..I’m not a lover of the camera.  It was such a long day. I had to get up at 4:15am to get to Hobart for set up…and didn’t get home until 8:00pm-ish. Needless to say, I was a little tired yesterday, so had a day off…..


…and finished photographing the new cushions for the store. I have added some of my handmade, porcelain buttons to the backs of some. They are big…about an inch wide.


Today, I started listing them onto the Shop…these thick velvet ones are so super squishy…might keep some of those


It was back into production today and I will be listing some more new pieces, as well as the rest of the cushions throughout the week. Thank you to everyone who came to The Market and said hi….I enjoyed meeting you all so much.

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Ness xx



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