4 Seasons Weekend….


The end to this week and the weekend has been one of those where a lot happens, but not a lot happens if that makes sense. After Fridays shop update for Marley & Lockyer, which was a huge success (thank you to all), I had enough time to a little re arranging and I have been wanting to move this painting of  Thomas Lawrence’s: The Red Boy (Charles William Lambton), 1825 some where out of the studio where it was propped against the wall. Here it is…for now.


One exciting thing that did happen was our hand made, pure linen sheets arrived from Europe. But first….


they had to go into a warm wash with softener to relax the fibers…in the wind and the sun


while they dried, me and the boys went off to our local nursery and picked up this Ash tree for our front yard ‘renovation’. It is taller than I am which is not hard


It has such wonderful leaves and is already starting turn its yellow, orange and red Autumnal colours. It is only in this spot while I get the ground ready for planting.


Before that happened, I had to get some shop orders sorted and unpack/pack the kiln again


…and got started on the shop orders from the week. My new little necklace packaging boxes have been a hit. They are all hand  cut, folded and made by my dear friend Joelee and suit my brand so well. Thanks again Joelee x

image (100)

All day I had in my head and written on my hand that Earth Hour was on last night. Did you switch off for the hour?

We did…in the studio…


…and through the house…any excuse for candles really.

image (97)

We stayed up for so long last night and I could not wait to climb into those linen sheets…they will soften more and more with each wash and I can not wait for that, so I think I will just wash them for a few days in a row…impatient, I know.

image (94)

All weekend it has poured and on Friday, our Neighbours trampoline was perched on our 6 foot fence with the crazy winds we have had!

This is what we woke to this morning…heavy rain and winds-again, which I didn’t mind as we desperately need the rain. It was nice to lay on those sheets and hear that rain on our tin roof- Heaven. It also meant, the planting of the Ash tree had to be pt on hold.

image (93)

I really wanted to plant that out here in our -looking very bare at the moment- front yard. We pulled so much out and I don’t like looking at it at the moment.

So, Mic and I packed up the boys and headed off for the day. It was nice to get out a scarf, slouchy beanie and cardi for a change. While we were out, the weather changed a few times…sun, pouring rain, super windy lucky for the beanie and back again. We went from this, to….

photo (17)

this. This is Mic’s Parents property, just down the road from us, which has an amazing view of the valley

image (91)

It was nice to see the sun come out for a while when the Horses were being fed. I plan on an early night tonight…on those sheets! I hope your weekend was a wonderful one.

Ness xx



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