A few of my favourite things….


Yesterday I was reminded of my palette…my go-to colours and textures and took these shots on my phone as part of the 7 Vignettes challenge on Instagram.


Nubby, worn vintage linens (some monogramed in monotones) in grey, white and natural, old scrubby wood, black wire, pewter/silver, glass and hints of blue & white…all anchored in white.

It also reminded me of some of my favourite items in our Old Lady…this Schweppes vintage soda bottle with it’s ivory coloured top. Our old Irish linen pillow cases I bought from a dear old Irish Woman years ago, my lovely old pewter plate with a sweet little crest, an old wooden chopping board a beautiful wire tray and of course Hydrangeas from our garden.

image (6)

let’s not forget these old serving pieces…and a woolen army blanket.

If you happen to be on Instagram, I would love to ‘hear’ from you. My username is @marleyandlockyer

…original, I know.

images © Ness Lockyer



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  • Ness,

    YOU ARE GOIN’OFF!!!!! Am loving all of your stylish shots lately. The colour palette is completely gorgeous and I think taking photo’s can clarify things that you might otherwise not see.

    I hope you are having a better week this week. I don’t want summer to end, do you? It was 24 degrees here today, supurb. I don’t mind winter too much, although having washing hanging around for 3 months is not my idea of a good time. Drives me completely insane.

    Better go as I’ve got some jobs to do before going to bed.

    Take care

    • Thank you lovely. I am enjoying taking shots for the challenge. Having a topic each day can be a great way to see things differently…or remind me of pieces.
      It was 32 here yesterday. I’m ready for autumn now. Yeah the washing in winter is a drama!
      Ness xx

  • I came back today ready to re-type what I said last night thinking it had got lost in cyper-space….so relieved. Thought the computer would ‘know’ me and I wouldn’t have to put in my name and email and obviously hit the publish button way too quick!! I know now. Glad to see you didn’t publish my second and third attempt…classy!

    Getting over a migraine this morning, funny how they floor you and can leave you feeling drained, but the rest of the day will be a good one.

    Take care


    • Ha ha! I figured that is what happened. I hate migraines and hope you get over it quickly…go lie down somewhere cool in the dark. I always open the French doors, close the curtains and lay right in front of them with a squishy European cushion until the meds kick in….you poor thing!
      Ness xx


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