A Wonderful Autumn Weekend….


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…we did. We finally woke to Autumn! It was so nice to be able to pull the feather quilt up….


and wake with a different kind of morning light.


I headed outside to salvage some of the last of our Hydrangea blooms to fill the glass bottles and jars and found some blackberries mixed in with our other berry bush. I love blackberries and Hydrangeas together.


After a relaxed breakfast with Mic and the boys, I packed the kiln again and we set off…

image (52)

to Launceston’s Cataract Gorge. We love it here. We decided to take the boys for a walk through the many tracks here…

image (51)

there is so many beautiful spots to stop and take photos. Here are some….

image (53)

image (54)

image (55)

image (50)

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Australia.

photo (10)

We stopped by the old Rotunda for some lunch and was in heaven, walking through the Hydrangeas!

image (46)

This lovely lady Peacock and her two Daughters came and paid us a visit while we ate…and tried to steal Mason’s food!

image (49)

Off we went again, this time on the Zig Zag Track. For those of you who know this steep, twisty track…it’s not a good thing to do in jeans and Mary Jane flats with no grip…I made it though without slipping!

image (43)

We got back to the car just in time as it poured down…much needed here after the long dry Summer we have had. This is the well known ‘Stillwater’ Restaurant…an amazing place.


We headed back home in the rain and I started to get our dinner ready with some of our neighbours Potatoes. They were wonderful with our baked Lamb and roast veggies.


As the day grew cooler, I thought about lighting the fire…for a minute.


I find Autumn the best time for cocooning. We sat and shared some of the French Chocolate Sourdough that I posted yesterday with the boys while they watched the Formula One race with Mic

photo (12)

…while I got to read the new Fete Press magazine with a coffee. I love this publication


All in all it was a wonderful, relaxed weekend…something we all needed.

I hope you had a great one too. Ness xx



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  • HI!

    thank you for those delightful photos in Launceston.

    I must visit Tasmania.


    • Absolutely Rita. It is a gorgeous place xx

  • Spent a lovely day at Cataract Gorge when our children were younger, so much for the whole family to see and do! Absolutely loved Tasmania!!

    • I’m so happy to hear that Stacey. It is such a wonderful place…it has our hearts for sure.
      Ness xx


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