Cleaning Routines & Products I love…

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Do you have a routine when it comes to cleaning?

I do, I have to. Running Marley & Lockyer and also being a Fitness Trainer in the evenings, makes life pretty hectic here. It’s just lucky I like being organised. There is a fairly rigid schedule I try and stick to which sometimes is completely thrown out the window, but that’s life which basically takes me an hour maximum each day if I stick to said plan. To help my cleaning, there are some things I can’t get by without….firstly, my Enjo mitts. I have the Kitchen one and the bathroom one and nothing gets our house as clean as those mitts and seeing they only use cold water to clean with, it’s a win win. Also, microfibre cloths…we have loads to polish benches etc after the mits have been over…muslin (shown here works too).

Also, these little white ‘magic blocks’…gets black crayon off white walls our boys showed me that! And of course, Murchison-Hume products and essential oils.

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The main ones I use is the floor cleaner, glass cleaner and the Boy’s Bathroom Cleaner…for a home with 1 Woman in it, this is a must! They are totally natural and smell amazing and clean brilliantly and this post is by no way sponsored by them…I just love them . A new product to get on my ‘radar’ is this Myrtle & Moss handwash…it smells delicious and I purchased it as I couldn’t get any of our normal one, but this will be staying in the bathroom from now on.

Living in the country brings lots of ‘beasties’ into the house, and I use things like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, lemon and Tea Tree oil to get rid of ants, silverfish, spiders etc…and it smells so good.

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Also my little ceramic dishes that don’t make it to the shop for whatever reason, become vessels to hold Cloves/Lavender and the like in, which I put into our linen cupboard. Not only does it smell lovely…silverfish & moths hate cloves 🙂

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Being the visual person that I am, I like looking into our cleaning cupboard and seeing the amber coloured bottles, ironstone crocks and linen cleaning cloths….makes the job not so bad then.


Including these wire baskets. They make storage look good!



Anyway, the washing machine has stopped….I have jobs to do!

I would love to know if you use anything natural in your cleaning routine?

Have a great weekend

Ness xx



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  • Enjo, bicarb or soda and vinegar and old fashioned Gumption for the tough jobs.
    have a lovely weekend
    fiona x

    • Oh yes, I love those oldies too…Gumption is the best on our clawfoot after the boys have been climbing sappy trees! All of the old ways hands down beat any of the new cleaners I think.
      Ness xx

  • Hello, love your new blog. I love lemongrass essential oil. I use in the toilet in the toilet roll holder and also on the window sil. If you have been cooking seafood, it is also amazing in the kitchen. Don’t forget the rubbish bin. Cheers, have a great day, Shelly.

    • Thank you Shelley…glad you like it.
      I have never used Lemon Myrtle…I use Lemon oil to get rid of spiders, but never the myrtle version. I will have to check it out now.
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness,

    My natural cleaners that I use and can’t live without is bi-carb and vinegar. Because we live on a farm one of the bathroom basins gets SO dirty. I used to use Jif previously but when I tried bi-carb and vinegar some marks just came off like it was nothing. Shines up the taps like nothing else and gets rid of the grim around the bottom of the taps where a lot of other cleaners don’t come close. Another product I love is gumption. I sometimes use this for the sink and for a quick clean on the oven door to remove the baked on splats. I have seen the Murchison products in a local shop here some time ago but have never tried them. Always lovin’ your posts, keep up the good work.

    Thanks for the advice on migraines. Seemed to floor me for the day but all good now!! Enjoy your weekend Ness.

    Take care

    • I’m a fan of bicarb and vinegar too and gumption is amazing on our claw foot bath. The boys get so dirty when they are outside and it seems like no effort at all. I live that for our stove top too.
      I’m glad your migraine went…they are the pits!
      Ness xx

  • Back again Ness,

    I had to rush out before . I just wanted to come back and say how much I love the print in the background in your first blog post photo. Colours and the frame itself are wonderful. Not to mention the picture itself! May I ask where did you find that little gem?

    I’ve tried lemon oil on the spiderwebs under our carport but didn’t seem to stop the spiders for long, is there something I’m not doing right???

    Take care

    • That gorgeous painting is -Thomas Lawrence: The Red Boy (Charles William Lambton), 1825. I completely love it and got it from a lady not far from my Mums. It will be going in our living area when we re paint in there soon. I can’t wait to get it hung!

      The lemon oil might not be strong enough for outdoors. I have only used it inside. Maybe Shannon Lush’s website would have an outdoor version of this. I know she is a fan of lemon oil for spiders inside too.
      Have a great weekend.
      N xx


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