Embroidered Series Release Date & Shop Update Announcement….


Remember this?

It is the sneak peek I gave you of the new ‘Embroidered Series’ Plates and Bowls.  So, today I am announcing the release date for this series….but first, here is a little about this range.



All of this range is based on vintage and antique linens I have picked up on my vintage hunts. All of them, lovingly stitched to create intricate and beautiful patterns. From the mountains of these gorgeous linens I have acquired, I chose my favourites to come up with the patterns – French (shown here), Irish (below), Scottish and Belgian. The names tell you also, where the linens have come from. As you can see in the first image, all of the detail in the stitching has been captured by the snowy white ceramic and I have used a glossy food grade glaze to cover the impressions….they are to beautiful to colour.

image (22)

There will be 17.5cm plates and 13.5cm bowls to begin with. Added to this will be smaller plates and dipping bowls….and some extras to come.

Something else that will be happening with the Marley & Lockyer store will be a weekly update/re-fill/release. All this means is that instead of me adding new items randomly, there will be a set day each week where I will do the above. For you, this means that there will be no missing out on Marley & Lockyer goodies. I have been contacted by a lot of you who have missed out on new items due to not knowing the items were being listed etc. This will give everyone a fair go at nabbing yourself some M&L pieces…first in best dressed style. It also means shipping will be done at the start of the week and for the time being there will be no more pre orders…if it is listed, it is ready to ship.

So, the release day for the Embroidery Series will be

FRIDAY, 22ND MARCH 2013 at 9:30am AEDST

This is also the shop update day. So, if you have been waiting on this new series, then mark this in your diary.

See you there. Ness xx



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  • Noooo…. I’m in a series of meeting all Friday morning! I may have to pop out for a “break” , so professional. Love them Ness, no wonder everyone wants one.
    Fiona xx

    • Oh no! They seem to be a hot item. Enjoy your ‘break’ 😉
      N xx


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