A Crazy Week, Injury and All…


What a busy week…and it’s Friday. I don’t normally do the whole TGIF thing, but this week I did. I’m planning on an epsom salts bath tonight to try and make my shoulder feel a little better…I have pulled some muscles quite badly and have been trying to rest it…as much as you can I guess.


While I was trying to rest my shoulder, I did get some re-arranging done and the table at the door needed one badly. It will change again soon as I have an Autumn branch I’m keeping my eye on for this spot…it is nearly the perfect Autumn colour.


It seemed this week that emails and phone calls never stopped. It was great actually, cause it meant I hung out at my office desk a lot…resting my shoulder…perfect timing too, with two photo shoots to lodge and some interviews. I have been burning this divine ‘Chai Tea’ candle from Du Pre & Moore Candle Co. Seriously stunning candles…and from Darwin!

image (61)

Been a little under the weather too, so some serious rest has been in order…on top of it now though. My little look book arrived from Blurb…it’s the third one I have ordered. I just love them!


I pulled this photo up from last year…I’m so ready to light the fire again. It’s getting really chilly here and I am in cocoon mode!

photo (23)

Last night we all sat on the sofa with the candles going and watched The Voice. Do you watch it? It’s great.

image (4)

But, you know how it is…can’t keep me out of the studio. I love it in here…sore shoulder or not. I’m back into it. Full steam ahead on orders and market prep. Although, I am planning a total homebody weekend…I will update you on Monday.

What are your plans this weekend? Have a great one!

Ness xx



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  • I hope your shoulder is better soon. Not good at all especially when you have a physical job. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your weekend
    Fiona xx

    • Thank you sweet. It is much better this week. I could barely lift it last week. Just a little burnt out over th last few weeks, but it’s all coming good now. I have learnt to slow down…a little.
      Have a wonderful weekend.
      N xx

  • Hi Ness

    Your house always looks amazing
    Hope you got my email this week
    And glad the shoulder is settling down

    • Thank you Ally. I haven’t got your email yet. I’m having some emails issues with the volume I get each day. I will have another look, but I really need that email!
      Ness xx

  • My doc says ice is your best friend. 20 min on 20 min off. Might help. Love your post! Feel better soon.

    • Thanks Pam. I hurt it about three weeks ago, so am past the ice stage now…epsom salt bath stage now.
      Ness xx

  • Hope your shoulder improves quick smart!
    Yes a quiet weekend around the home although I’m always treasure hunting on a Saturday!

    • Me too Alicia. At least I can hold it up now, so it’s on the mend.
      I plan on some market shopping too. Home weekends are the best. Have a wonderful one, lovely.
      N xx

  • What’s about your neck ache?Nice decorated house you have.


    • It is much better thank you xx


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