A Super Long Weekend…


It’s been and gone…Easter that is. I don’t know about you, but there was a lot of chocolate in our house and I will be glad to see the back of it! Bringing some fruit out into plan sight has been the goal today, and I plan on making something with these pears tomorrow.


We have had such a lovely long weekend here. Mic had four days off and the boys have had a few extra days off due to pupil free days. While everyone was off and relaxed, we pottered about the house, having late breakfasts…this amazing jam was a homemade gift from one of my wonderful Bootcampers. Mic and the boys went for quite a few bike rides while I planted our Ash tree.


…which lead to the fireplace in our bedroom…it got a makeover. My dear Dad made this for us when we first moved in and renovated this room, some 10 years ago, but I had been noticing the wood changing…oh, and the wire there is from when we had our local Possum sleeping in our Chimney…growling through the night…so he didn’t get into our room!


…let the prep begin…


I had to wait overnight to do the top coats…but what a difference it was to wake up to it all fresh.


I used some of my vintage bottles I picked up recently to bring some Autumn spirit inside


…and the next mornings wake up was even better. I gave the stone in there a freshen up too.


While we spent a lot of time in the garden, I went about and collected some flowers, berries and Leura ‘Butterfly’ stems to fill one of my antique pewter steins for our Easter dinner we had with Mic’s family at our house. It was lovely to have everyone together for Easter and the afternoon…


soon turned into the very late evening.


I even managed to turn out some of my now infamous with our family ‘sweetrolls’ which are kind of like a hot cross bun I suppose you would say.


The weekend for us is still on for another day, so I even managed to get some work done this afternoon, which was wonderful.

I am looking forward to doing some exercise this week, let me tell you!

How was your long weekend?          N xx



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  • Tus fotos son magníficas.
    Un beso.

    • Thank you xx

  • Your fire surround looks gorgeous white! Love it!! x

    • Thanks Janelle. I am loving it all white!
      N xx


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