White Subway Tiles & Beadboard…oh my!


So, the kitchen planning is going well for our re-do/makeover and I have been organizing the fine details of what I would like for the space. Most of the pieces are vintage and I already have a lot of them ready to go


My mornings have been spent drawing out the details while the boys and I have breakfast. It is such a relaxing time to be able to sit here in the kitchen, with the morning sun, and nut it all out.



Subway tiles has always been on my must have list for the kitchen, but we decided against them when we added our current square tiles…and everytime I look at them, I regret that decision. We won’t be getting them for this makeover, but it’s still on the list!


Country Style magazine had this sweet little cottage featured a while back and I have had it in my files since then. Horizontal boards are quintessentially Australian cottage, and my Aunt’s old Aussie cottage has magnificent ones. I have such fond childhood memories of that home…and those boards. My Aunt still lives there.

image (4)

but for our space it will be vertical boards, like the ones here in my studio. I just love them and our kitchen ones will not go to the ceiling, but from chair rail to picture rail. I’m looking at some warm grey based whites and some ivories…I don’t want white. We tried it and it didn’t work in here. The boards would have carried it, but I think it scarred Mic. Our kitchen gets the same light as the studio, so being in here all the time, watching the light change makes me so excited for this kitchen change.



I can’t but help to wish for those subway tiles to go with the beadboard though…maybe I can talk Mic into it.


Now all I need is the butler sink to go in place of this old ugly steel one and I’m set!

~Ness xx~



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  • How exciting. Good luck with the kitchen reno. You have great taste so it will look fab!

    • Thanks Kylie…I hope it turns out like I have in my head!
      N xx


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