An Antique Store Visit & Some New Pieces For The Kitchen Makeover…


After the post I recently done on our kitchen re-do, I had a lovely email from the owner of a local Launceston Antiques Store, Recycled Relix. The owner, Cathy  had told me that she had some old pieces I may be interested in…so I stopped in to check out the store and thought you might like a look in there.

The store is filled with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces and I took photos of some of the ones that caught my eye, like this old milk can filled with naturally shed Deer antlers. I actually painted a farm scene on one of these cans years ago for a farmhouse.


Not only did I love the ladder and the bottle carrier…but I loved the old cast iron meat hooks too.


This big trunk would make an amazing side table or coffee table…it’s huge. While I was in snapping photos, Cathy and I got chatting and I found out that Recycled Relix has been it’s current store for 2 years. If you are a local, you would remember, they started off across the road in the old heritage listed building. Cathy also moved to Tasmania with her family after a 9 day holiday tour of the state…just like we did!


I was so amazed at how many great pieces Cathy has jammed into the shop. Everywhere I looked I found something I loved…like this old hat box…


and this platter


and this. I was unsure of what it was and Cathy told me it was used in the mines for pouring hot liquid like metal, gold etc


You would know by now that I love old stoneware bottles and crocks and have a little collection of them…so this one immediately caught my eye.

IMG_3866 (1)

Tucked under a table was this 1920’s medicine cabinet…and some handmade Convict bricks. I loved them both! I also loved the huge collection of porcelain electrical insulators and old amber bottles, but ran out of time to get photographs.


..but this is what came home with me for our kitchen!

Two old enamel pendant lights. They need a good clean up and are a lovely green.


The undersides are white- perfect. I am still unsure if I will keep them green, but having them against the beadboard in my studio gave me an idea of how they will work…I don’t mind it at all.

If you are ever in Launceston, stop into Recycled Relix at 167A York Street on the corner of Bathurst Street and say hi to Cathy…she is a sweetheart!

Thank you Cathy for all of your help with these. I really appreciate it.

Ness xx



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  • Fabulous lights, what a great find. Love those antlers too.

    • The antler are so amazing aren’t they? I am a bit of a sucker for an antler…only the naturally shed ones though xx

  • Beautiful pieces Ness. I look forward to seeing future posts on your kitchen makeover.xx

    • Thank you…I do too 😉
      N xx


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