Antique French Bread Board Details…and a Winner!


Well then. It seems my divine birthday gift, the French Breadboard, has caused quite the fuss! So many of you have left me messages and comments on where I scored this divine piece…well, let me divulge my secret source…


photo (27)

As you might know after reading the last few posts, I have wanted one for…ever! Could never find the right one though I know I am picky, it’s the stylist in me but this one is, well, perfect. Perfect colour, patina, size – everything.

I got this baby from Jim at Fossil Vintage in Melbourne who gets the most divine, amazing pieces from all over Europe and brings them back in big old shipping containers full to the brim….I could take it all!

Here is a little peak at Jim’s treasures…and some of whats on my shopping list.

baloon bottles 391

Real Demijohn’s…you can even get the wire baskets with handles that cart these beauties about – I know, right!

big letters

Who doesn’t like a huge ol’ letter? Look at the stuff in the back of  that truck!!

bread boards

Yep, I know, I have one already, but I think big old needs a smaller relative…

french gal bowls

These French galvanised bowls are wonderful and will be perfect when we get our new shelves in.


Vintage French rolling pins come in tub loads and that one on top is amazing. I do love a rolling pin…after all I use them all day with Marley & Lockyer 🙂


One of these old sieves is on the list too. I really want one some for the wall in the kitchen, or maybe on the mantel of our old fireplace in the kitchen…either way, I could have showed you a million things I want need from Fossil Vintage, but we’d be here all night now. The thing with Jim’s finds is that you need to know that they are real vintage/antique pieces and they come to you as is, straight from the container, so you see them here as they have been sourced in all their perfect old glory. If you have ever loved a stylish restaurant/cafe that has awesome antique pieces, good change the pieces came from here. It’s the best kept secret!

 Jim will post anywhere and it seems some of my readers from the U.S.A have also contacted Jim for bread boards after seeing the one I got. If you are interested in looking at the site and getting in contact with Fossil Vintage, just visit the website and email Jim and let him know that Ness sent you 🙂 Run, don’t walk…or you might miss out!

Now for the winner of the giveaway which includes a LUDA ceramic plate and a ceramic Hummingbird necklace.

THE WINNER IS -SARAH HALLET!! who commented on the blog page with this:

I get so excited to see new lovelyness on you post….you make everything look so gorgeous and inspiring!!
If only the breadboard could talk…what stories it would tell!!
love, miss birdy xx

Congratulations Sarah! I wish I could have given you all something for your kind comments. I really appreciate all of the support and love you give to Marley & Lockyer…don’t worry, more giveaway’s soon!



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  • Congratulations Sarah ♥ Thank you for this lovely giveaway Ness 🙂

    • You are welcome. Keep your eye out for the next one soon xx

  • Lucky Sarah – she will love your creations.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing source – i am going to have to check out the link to Jim’s – his stuff is to die for. Give me old pre-loved stuff any day over shopping in a chain store.
    your photography is beautiful as always Ness – your cheese and board looks lovely.
    have a good weekend
    Fiona x

    • Yep, agree with you there Fiona. Jim is so easy to deal with and nothing seems a hassle. Your want list will be huge when you go through it all!
      N xx

  • How can I buy items. Do you retail are you in the US

    • I have an online store
      We ship internationally too!
      Ness xx


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