Market Crisis avoided….


The last week or so has been crazy busy here at home and Marley & Lockyer – boy’s School running carnival, after school activities, Birthday parties and of course, market prep. I have been making like a mad Woman in preparation for this weekend’s Launceston Boutique market’s and the Sydney Finder’s Keeper’s Market the following weekend.



Racks and racks of stock has been eagerly awaiting it’s turn to be finished off and go into the kiln.


photo (45)

That was until my kiln blew a fuse…number 4 fuse to be precise. This fuse has been giving me a lot of grief lately and luckily Mic knows a thing or two about this stuff and replaced all of the elements for me, so now she is running like a dream again…I think I wore it out with the amount of work I have been doing lately!


It has been cold and clear here in Tassie and I don’t know why, but I feel strangely relaxed for this weekends upcoming market, having a moment to put my feet up and breathe a little has been a great thing…next week will be nuts, I know!


So, if you happen to be in Launceston on Sunday, come on down to the Grand Chancellor Hotel from 9-1pm and see a great line up of designers at the Boutique Markets. Hope to see you there!

P.S- The store will be closed from now until I return from Sydney and re-open on Tuesday, 4th June 🙂

Ness xx



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