Marley & Lockyer featured on Country Style Magazines Webpage with a Video!


For those of you that have followed the journey of my homewares brand, Marley & Lockyer will be aware of my long love of one of Australia’s premier home style publications, Country Style….


In June last year, I was lucky enough to be featured in the June edition with the lead story….


and was blessed to have had my ceramic tree decorations cover the Killiecrankie Christmas Tree Farm tree on the Christmas 2011 issue, which won “Cover Of The Year”.



The Christmas cover, which was styled by the ever talented Indiana Foord was photographed by the just as talented Sharyn Cairns…who also shot the feature story on me and M&L….


Sharyn caught the essence of our “Old Lady” beautifully and the fireplace shot you see here of our old Kitchen mantel also won the Fireplace comp on Country Styles site, which I was most chuffed about. You can see the images from the magazine spread here on Country Styles site

I have been so blessed to have had such a wonderful relations hip with this magazine and since that June issue came out have had loads of Women contact me about their own creative journey, some of which I have helped them get on their way which has been a privileged.



This time around, Country Style have been gracious enough to have me write a blog post for their website, which you can see here, and also shot a video of my story and journey, which was done by the also talented, Annette Cohen.

You can see the video HERE

I would love for you to stop by the Country Style page and check out the video too…I’d love to hear what you think! A huge thank you goes out to the group of talented Women who helped put my story out there, particularly, Victoria Carey- Editor extraordinaire, who believed it was worth sharing…thank you lovely lady! xxxx

Ness xx



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  • Loved both the article and the video. Congratulations on all the well-deserved accolades! It is lovely to see someone living their dream! Love your blog, the little slices of your life/home that you share and the work you do!

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support and am so happy to have you along on my journey.
      Ness xx

  • Genuine talent deserves such accolades. Ness your video is beautiful, honest and real thankyou for sharing. I have fallen in luuuuurve with your amazing work/talent/passion even more because you are so genuine.
    Congrats, Neen 🙂

    • That is so sweet of you, Neen. Thank you so much. I am blessed to have such a beautiful family, home and supportive Husband. I’m glad my love if what I do comes through.
      Glad to have you along.
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness,
    It was so lovely to hear and see you in person. You are extremely talented, both as a stylist and as the creator of M&L……and your recipes are a bonus!!
    E xx

    • Thank you Eva. I appreciate it. I’m glad you like the recipes too. Having Chef’s in the family means I am always cooking and baking.
      Ness xx

  • I saw this story some time ago and now stumbled upon you via pinterest. Your work is beautiful. Country Style is amazing! Love Leah x

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad to have you here.
      Ness xx


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