Perfect Mother’s Day Weekend…With A Surprise Win & Fossil Vintage pieces!


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! This weekend has been brilliant…here’s why…

While I was changing about our kitchen fireplace mantel, I kept thinking about the French sieve from Jim at Fossil Vintage and a few of the pieces I had on my ‘wish list’ which is very long at the moment


the French bread board I got from Fossil Vintage is divine and even though it is supposed to be going in here once we makeover the kitchen, I had to have it out now. Anyway, while I was at the post office the other day, our postie, who rides a pushbike to deliver the mail, told me I had a big package waiting for me…what was it?


I found myself at the counter, squealing, when I realized it was from Jim at Fossil Vintage….eeeep.

Inside the box was this amazing French Sieve….


and this gorgeous old wooden rolling pin, and a huge old grain sack, which must be about 2.5 meters long!


YAY! Perfect Mothers Day come a little early! I had to put them out straight away. This is not where they will stay, as I have something else in mind for this wall when we re-do in here soon. The weekend got even better when I found out my blog won the TOP 25 HOME DECOR BLOGS award!!!! More on that soon, but thank you a million times over for voting for me and my interior ramblings xxxxx


Saturday night we had a lovely Autumn day and headed out for the evening for birthday drinks


which went loooong into the night. Needless to say….

photo (21)

getting out of bed this morning was hard, but sweetened by the Mother’s Day gift’s our little boy’s made for me….the best kind of present.


We spent today at the most picturesque farm


watching my fearless Brother-in-law hurtling about a Motorcross track.


When we returned home, I realized our little parsley plants have thickened up…and haven’t been eaten by our puppy yet! She has eaten a bunch of carrots, spring onions, rosemary and mint!!


Such a wonderful, busy and relaxing weekend was had. I got to speak to my dear Mum in N.S.W and also spend time with Mic’s Mum too which was lovely also.

photo (36)

our ‘Old Lady’ is full of these little flowers


washing is up to date…

image (96)

…and I am about to crawl into here for an early night…


so for now – bye, and hope you have had a fantastic weekend. N xx

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  • What a nice visit to your beautiful blog – I love all the relaxing photographs. (Except for your brother-in-law, tell him to be careful {{must be the mother in me!!}})


    • Thank you so much. I’m with you there…I hold my breath the whole time he is out there.
      N xx


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