A Finders Keepers Weekend Wrap Up


As you may know, I took off for Sydney Thursday just gone, to attend the Finders Keepers Market to show Marley & Lockyer and everything I had been working on for the last few months. When I arrived, my Sister, Mum and I headed off to Ikea for the obligatory stop then off to Wollongong to stay with my Parents.


I had so many items with me, I actually bruised my arms carrying 45kgs of ceramics/jewelry/soft homewares about! It was worth it though. The market was held at the Australian Technology Park, right near Redfern station…and it was packed! With over 140+ stalls and plenty of room for shoppers to browse (I was told the last venue was so squishy) it was a great evening. I was joined by my two Nieces, Brooke & Tihan on the Friday night (my Brothers girls), which was a laugh-a-minute with them.

image (1)

It was so lovely to have all of my work out on display after many, many…many hours prepping. Meeting a lot of you was the highlight though. SO many blog/Instagram/Facebook followers came and said hi…and that made my night! After what seemed like a loooong drive back to Wollongong for the night, I was up early for day two.


the place was buzzing and I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of the other ceramic stall holders and purchase some of their wares. I love collecting other potters work and supporting them as I appreciate the work that goes into their creations.

image (2)

I sold out of a lot of my designs and only had to bring back 8kgs of stock out of 45kgs! My arms thank you!!

image (3)

A 4:15am…yes, I did say am!…start on Sunday morning had me looking like a zombie to catch the flight back to Tassie. The weather was dreadful and I thought I would be held up…I wish I was. The flight was horrid. Really bad turbu;ence which even had the air hosts panicking! I had flash backs to trip I took with Mum when I was 9 to Scotland where we had a few emergency landings due to engines blowing up and bad turbulence. Flying is certainly not a strong point of mine since that adventure and this was not a nice reminder.


Tassie, however, welcomed me back with clear skies…and I could not get out of that plane quick enough! We ambled over to Evandale markets and stocked up on sourdough bread and headed home to the “Old Lady”

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so I could lay here on the sofa all day…I am exhausted…happy, but pooped and now with a head cold so I’m taking it easy this week. Hope you are all well xx



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  • Congratulations all of your hard work has paid of. Beautiful products, you deserve your success. xxx

    • Oh, thank you so much. It has been a lot of hard work but I just love it so much, so it never feels like work.
      Ness xx

  • Isn’t it the best feeling to get home??! Hope you feel better soon, best stay put under that gorgeous cosy blanket!! x

    • Absolutely! Walking in the house after being away always makes it so much more special. I love home. Just trying to be on ‘go slow’ this week…it’s hard.
      Ness xx

  • Hope your on the mend soon. Cold going around. I am hearing lots of honey!

    • Thank you. I’m feeling a little better, but the show has to go on.
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness….well done sounds like a great event; glad to hear you have done well. Im afraid im with you when it comes to flying. I hate it rough, in the air or at sea.. Take care and rest up. Hope to see you soon. Manda x

    • Thanks Manda! I truly am terrified of turbulence.
      It was a very successful weekend, but I am so glad to be back home and am trying to rest as much as I can right now before I get into Christmas prep. I will try and stop in soon.
      Ness xx


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