Foraging and a restful week…


So, I am still under the weather and haven taken basically this week off from Marley & Lockyer to just…be. You know, catch up on home. Now that my voice has returned, I thought I needed to go out and forage for some new branches to put through the house…and I can never seem to go past this bush of berries though. I collected a bucket full…and some linen.

image (49)

some of the branches ended up in the bathroom


I did manage to get some work done…while I was meant to be resting…I can’t keep away from it. I felt inspired and made some new pieces as well as got a few more of the Christmas ’13 range made. Christmas production starts very early in the year in the studio here and most of it was designed and started in March…I know!


While I have been being a homebody, there has been a lot of cooking going on. It’s like medicine for your soul I think

…oh, and some of the other branches ended up here in the kitchen…

photo (7)

…a wonderful, hearty and healthy, vegetable soup was made with fresh market produce. This is a snippet of the veggies that went in!

image (33)

We have been having some lovely dinners, just casually by the fire each evening as it is getting very chilly here each night.

image (45)

…and while I have been recuperating, there have been some early nights. I love this time of evening, when the boys are all tucked up, the fire is crackling away and you can get a chance to have a read in bed…or a chat.

image (44)

We have even managed to have a few lie-ins…not for too long, but a lie in nonetheless

image (46)

I even managed to organise the new ceramic and porcelain pieces I picked up while I was in Sydney at Finders Keepers. I love collecting other designers work and here I have a tiny little feather bowl from Kim Wallace Ceramics, the Rabbit bud vase from Elm Design and a vintage pewter jug my Mum picked up for me while I was staying with her, alongside one of my small Argyle ring dishes.

…anyway, I am so glad to have had this week to relax a little…but the ‘holiday’ is over now. Back to it!

Ness xx



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