Wow…it’s Tuesday already! This last week or so while I have slowed down a little, I have been appreciating more and more the little things around me…the details, my surroundings, my work, our home. Even this bunch of Chrysanthemums I bought this morning. It’s all so beautiful when you have time to stop and take it in.


Mason, our youngest and I even had a chance to catch some images of him outside blowing bubbles in the amazing Winter weather we have been having…cold nights, crisp, clear days….

image (51)

Sunny enough to even get the washing dried…unheard of in Tassie at this time of year!

image (52)

We are so lucky to live in the country where we do with loads of room for two boisterous boys and two very energetic Border Collies to run about. I am very grateful for that.

Kodah, our puppy has grown over the last few weeks…she is just over 6 months old now!


…and she is very cheeky…and also my shadow.


When I do happen to have some spare time…the inside of our ‘Old Lady’ is never far off my mind and that Kitchen makeover is high on the list, but the bathroom window needs a blind and as much as I love the little covering I have here, I really need to get something permanent up…which adds another blind to the two I need to make for the kitchen as well!


Small details in the studio have been catching my the left over details from a product shoot for the Cinematic Lights I recently done. I made up a little card which resembles an old Tea advertising card…I have always coveted these signs, but they are hard to get.

…all in all I am grateful for it all…

Ness xx



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  • Beautiful post. In the rush of life & work & deadlines, it’s nice to be able to sit back & be thankful for, and really enjoy, the things that matter most. On a side note, there’s a high probability that when I’m in Tasmania bringing Sophie’s Labrador Harry home with me, I might bring your Border Collies too. How gorgeous are they?! Love them! xo 😉

    • It has been nice to go slow for a little while…it won’t last long, so I am taking as much as I can in now.
      Good luck with Kodah in your carry on…she is chewing everything in sight…including our house!
      Thank you Autumn…you are a beautiful soul xx


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