Our Wedding in the country…15 years ago

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15 years ago today, Mic and I were married

…I thought I would share some moments from the day with you out of our album…

image (13)

We were married at Jamberoo on the NSW, South Coast not far from my home town

image (12)

at a stunning Art Deco guesthouse, “Gundarimba”. I chose to dress there which made for a stress free day.

image (28)

My gown was tailored to suit my design and I still love it.

image (10)

my bouquet was made with roses, organically farmed in Berry NSW, and back in 1998 this was a rare find. They were thick and full. I had an arm sheath, mixed with ‘old mans whiskers’…or twisted willow.

image (11)

this view was right behind our ceremony…can’t get much more country than that!

image (15)

the ceremony and reception was all held at Gundarimba. We exchanged vows in the secret stone garden, which is sunken into the back of the property which was the apparent courting place for Lady Packer, who once owned the manor.

image (16)

I see why. Our dear Families gathered there to watch our moment

image (20)

All of our photos were also shot here by the amazing Anna Blackman…there was no reason to go anywhere else!

image (22)

image (23)

Our bridal party!

Groomsman- Scott, Best Man- Gavin, Mic and I, Cheif Bridsmaid- Melissa, Bridesmaid- Tamie…our dear friends

image (24)

The day was a blast. Loads of candid moments were caught and these rose petals I collected for months…and ended up down my corset!

image (26)

The cake, a chocolate mud cake, was designed by me from a sketch I had given to a local baker

image (25)

A truly happy day for us both

image (27)

The reception went loooong into the night and even after we left for our honeymoon, our guests stayed on at Gundarimba as we had booked the entire long weekend…it was a real family celebration…in the country

Ness xx



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  • a beautiful smile in that second last photo. hope you both have a lovely evening – and many more happy years together.
    Fiona x

    • Thanks Fiona. My cheeks were aching after that day! Xx

  • Congratulations on achieving 15 years…..
    Thankyou for sharing such special moments and photos with us all. Just lovely! And you did look (and are) beautiful. 🙂

    • Eva you are a sweetheart. Thank you for such kind words xx

  • Happy Anniversary! ! ! Lovely photos! Was it planned to give you angel wings in the 6th photo from the bottom, or was it just happenstance that the arrangement of the trees/sky behind you look like wings? 🙂 Either way . . . looks like a heavenly day! 🙂

    • Total accident. It wasn’t until we looked at the images with photographer that we noticed that. There is one shot where I look like I am floating with the ‘wings’. Funny. Thank you so much xx

  • Congratulations, what a beautiful wedding, we are to celebrate 30 years this October.

    • Wow Rae. That’s awesome! 15 years has gone by in a flash. I hope the next 15 don’t go this fast. Congratulations to you and yours xx


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