Vignettes, Ceramics…and Country Style Magazine

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Hey there! Hope you are well…it’s quite cold here still and the fire has been warming us all, but it has made working for me rather tricky…which, on a positive note, has also meant the studio (above) has been staying clean!


Working with ceramics in a cold climate has been a learning curve. In Spring/Summer/Autumn there are no dramas, but in Winter it is tricky. You see, the clay has to be completely dry before it goes in the kiln…or it explodes!

And it is the drying part that is tricky…if it dries too fast, it cracks before it even gets to the kiln.

Why am I telling you this, well I think most people just think you make whatever it is and put it in the kiln…SO not so! There are about 7-9 processes each piece goes through before it’s ready – which is about a week’s work. Now, Winter temps here lately have been well below freezing and even trying to get clothes dry is an issue, so wet clay is…well, you see what I mean.

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Add to the fact that the studio wood fire is no longer going (cause I set it on fire, accidentally, and the Fire Brigade had to come) and we need to get a new one…you see why my work attire, above, has been like I am preparing for an arctic exhibition!

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On the up side though, I have all my paper work up to date and am even getting my tax done tomorrow! It has also mean, that I have been able to design some new pieces for the Marley & Lockyer range and do some styling about the house,


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I even got to sit down the other night and enjoy reading the latest issue of Country Style, where I had the lovely surprise of seeing that they mentioned my video and the response they had on their Facebook page in the magazine…Wonderful!

…but it all comes to an end tomorrow as I really have to get cracking again…and get that clay dry!

Hope you have all been keeping warm and enjoying your weekend xx



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  • Can’t wait to see your latest creations Ness. Reading your blog gives me incredible apple isle envy – so green, so crisp, so pretty!

    Love your pics too – they are always a feast for the eyes. Stay warm and keep the creative juices flowing. This Christmas is bound to be a cracker for Marley and Lockyer

    • Thank you so much. It is a superb place to call home, that’s for sure! I’m braving the cold in the studio tomorrow to get some Christmas pieces done and time is ticking away….I hope I do M&L justice this year 🙂
      Ness xx


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