A Break In The Weather…


We seriously have had the strangest Winter here in Tasmania…I’m not complaining at all. Not having to light the fire at night for the last few nights has been weird, unheard of even. It has been great for the boys, who are still on School Holidays, after being cooped up last week with all of the rain.


We managed to get out, while the sun was out to finally dead head the hydrangeas. This is the longest I have left the old heads on the bush, but they did reward me with these amazing caramel tones that filled my pail.


For  a little while, they sat on the old fire in the kitchen…and then helped to light the fire on the next cold night we had.


This lead to a little re shuffle about of the fireplace mantel…my ‘new’ vintage Dundee Marmalade pot had pride of place…I have wanted one for ages, and this one is amazing.


This lead to a re shuffle all over the house. The living room…


…and our bedroom. The warm sun had me in a Spring cleaning mode…and I loved it.


I did manage to snap up some more vintage linens for my Marley & Lockyer cushions which I will sit down to sew this coming week once the boys are back at School.


Not much making has been going on for myself and M&L, but the boys and I did work on a light, that they made for one of their rooms. I think they done a great job!


As much as I am looking forward to getting back into the full swing of Marley & Lockyer work again, I will miss the slow, relaxed mornings we have been having…and I hope that warm sun stays a little longer.

Ness xx



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