A Weekend In Hobart…

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Hi! What a week it has been. Crazy busy getting ready for two different Hobart markets. One was for St Giles, a brilliant organisation that helps disabled children and their families by offering support, treatments and equipment, and the other for The Market, which is always such an amazing group of talent it’s hard not to feel inspired.

…you might notice my sign here to the parents? I never used to worry, having two small children, but after having some pieces damaged (and smothered in tomato sauce), I had to have something out.



Sarah, my Sister in law, and I set off S U P E R early on Saturday morning for Hobart and had a wonderful two days…even though I couldn’t seem to get to sleep Saturday night. I think I was past overtired and still buzzing from the whole market vibe! It was SO lovely meeting a lot of you there. It’s nice to be able to put a face to the profiles on Instagram/Facebook/Bloggers, so thank you xx


It has been a lovely day in the studio today, candles lit and some tunes in the background while I work some more on Christmas…and colanders…shop update is coming soon 🙂

Ness xx



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  • Wish I could have seen your stall, my husband and I are hoping to visit Tasmania/Hobart either October, or I am picking it will be in between Christmas and New Year. Hope your end of town is open. Can you recommend any bloggers for me to research so I will know where to visit and where to stay?

    Rae xxx

    • Hi Rae,
      Sure thing. If you type into google Tasmanian bloggers, a whole load of them will come up. There are a lot so I couldnt list them all here. I should be doing some markets about the time you are here. I always post here when I am doing them 🙂
      Ness xx

  • It all looks so lovely! Can’t wait for some lovely platters to make there way into the shop – will definitely be buying!

    • You are in luck! I have some waiting for the kiln right now…stay tuned 🙂
      Ness xx

  • Whoops, typed it in a hurry, I meant make their way into the shop!


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