Giveaway and some changes….

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First day of the month, the new financial year, and well…nearly half way through Winter. What’s not to love?

I did want to mention to you, and I am sure you have heard it on the grapevine somewhere, that Google Reader finished up today. So basically, if you received your feed from Marley & Lockyer in this way, then it will no longer work as of today. Most people have already chosen new readers (I went with Feedly, but I still have Bloglovin’ as well) and if you have, most of them would have a way to import your favourite blogs over to the new reader. With Feedly it was a one clock step.

SO, if you wish to keep reading along with my blog, you will need to either subscribe to it by clicking the box on the right, or the little feed button on the top right corner, or you can copy and paste and put it into your chosen reader. It will say something like ‘add content’…just paste it there and voila…never miss a thing

…including the GIVEAWAY…


over on Facebook you may have noticed that there are hashtags now I know, I rolled my eyes too, it may actually be a good thing…so I am going to do an experiment.

What I would love to see is what you have in the way of Marley & Lockyer and how you live with them, how you style them if it is cushions or plates and bowls, or even how you might wear them…what clothes you put them with. Get where I am going?


1. Join Marley & Lockyer by following with network blogs (button at right) and like the Facebook page

2. Style and photograph Marley & Lockyer in your life

3. Post it to Facebook with this hashtag #marleyandlockyer (make sure it is ‘public’ otherwise I won’t be able to see it and you will miss out.

That’s it. I will be picking three winners on Friday, 5th July at 9:00pm AESDT

The winners will receive a ‘mixed pack’ of ceramic tags/plates/bowls/jewerly…HOW’S THAT?

Get styling and and don’t forget to include the #marleyandlockyer hashtag. Good luck! xx



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