Marley & Lockyer Ceramic Colanders….


Ah…finally the ceramic Colanders are ready to be released! I am so happy about this…



You might remember I showed you this shot last week as a little sneak peak. I recently sent one off to the divine Kara Rosenlund to do a ‘product test’ for me, and knowing how much Kara loves to cook and her mutual love for white kitchen pieces, she was the perfect choice. I am happy to say that she loved it…



…and it’s little feet!



This afternoon, we used our one…yes I got to keep one for a change – rare, I know…with afternoon tea to drain off the blackberries I served up to the boys with their lemon curd cake I baked yesterday and some honey figs. Kara did mention she has been using hers for serving olives, draining tin fruit and for herbs. It is so nice to hear different uses for them.

Anyways, they will be listed in the Etsy store over the next few days…yay!

Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness

    I first discovered you in Country Style and your heading captures my attention right away – “Live Beautifully” – I wish more people looked at life like you. So for a month now I have gone right back to your first blog and am making my way to now (I’m up to Oct 1 2008). Anyway I love your Berry Colanders and when I go to your shop your plates and Colander are not shown, where do I purchase them from. Looking forward to more Blogs Judith

    • Hi Judith,
      That is so sweet of you, thank you. It certainly has been a wonderful journey my motto takes me on.
      The Colanders sold out in less than three minutes would you believe! I have another 10 going into the kiln tomorrow and will be doing a shop update during the week, when they will be listed…stay tuned.
      ..and thanks again,
      Ness xx


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