Throw Together Cinnamon Scrolls….



This is not a recipe by any means…but it was one of those days where it was very cold and rainy and I felt like a ‘might throw something together’ bake up. It had to be made of things I already had on hand – flour, yeast, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

After the warmer days we had last week, today was back to Winter…Tassie style, and I love nothing more on a lazy Sunday than baking by the big old fire in the kitchen for our little clan. Mic had the house all warm and he and the boys were on the sofa, watching “Diary Of  Wimpy Kid”. Perfect cold rainy day scene.



Basically, I made up a basic bread mixture and melted some organic butter and mixed in a heaped tablespoon of brown sugar and about a tablespoon and a half of cinnamon, mixed it up….


and spread it on the rolled out bread dough…that’s butter bits you can see here. Rolled it up like a log, cut it into ’rounds’ and laid them close together in my pie dish. Some of the leftover butter mixture, I drizzled over the rounds before going in the oven.

 I’m not sure how long it was cooking for, but I could smell it was ready…and it was Heaven with a coffee under a blanket on the sofa with my boys.


It freezes well, but it never makes it past the first day. Hope your weekend has been wonderful. Ness xx

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