Winter Sun and Relaxed Country Days….



So, school holidays started here in Tasmania yesterday and it has brought with it very relaxed days. The weekend was lovely and quiet. Mic had to work, so the boys and I headed outside to catch up on some overdue gardening. We have an abundance of leaves from our old Sycamore and the many Plane trees that line our street in memory of the Men and Women that fought in the war from our little town.

photo (14)

Studio days will be light while I have the boys home, but I did manage to get the new ‘Fraser’ pattern (top plate) in the ‘Village Range’ sorted. I am so pleased with how it turned out and they are the perfect pairing for the ‘Argyle’ pattern (bottom plates). Hoping to get them listed very soon…just waiting on the next batch going into the kiln…the super cold weather we are getting right now is making that slow going.

photo (15)

One good thing about not having to do the school run each morning is the chance to catch up on morning lie ins…it was so cold, that we all lay in bed until 10am chatting about ‘boys stuff’ while poor Mic went out in the cold to work.


We visited the Evandale Markets on Sunday and a local thrift shop and picked up some wonderful Almond Croissants from Manu Patisserie + Bakery (who I found out will be opening a retail space soon…yay) from the markets and an old cricket ball, Army blanket and this stunning silver finish tray…and some grasses from the side of the road to replenish my stoneware bottles on the way home not from the wetlands center this time


The slower pace has also meant a chance for myself to slow down a little which I am not very good at and we have been making a point to have a slow afternoon tea, while enjoying the Winter afternoon sun.


It has been wonderful. SO, if I am a little light on posting on Facebook and Instagram and of course, here…you know why. I am enjoying our little Men being at home with me for a few weeks.

Stay Warm/cool – Ness xx



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  • Happy Holidays Ness, savour every moment with your boys. They are the building blocks of treasured memories and you never regret the investment. The plates look divine, so substantial and such beautiful but practical heirlooms. Creative beyond description, that’s for sure x

    • I am, absolutely Andrea. It has been lovely xx


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