Ceramic Tea Colanders, Simple Beauty…and Floods!



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It has been crazy here…work wise and weather wise and when it is like this, on the weekends I bake. This past weekend it was a Coconut & Banana Bread. I haven’t done a full on bake up for a while, so I baked big. We had family for dinner and Mics Brother for Lunch…lots of cooking…and it was such a nice change of pace.


The weather has been terrible lately and the mornings have been dim…the kind of weather that makes you wonder why you can’t lounge about all day. I did for a little while, but I can’t sit still for long!


There was some testing to be done of these little tea strainers I made…I done it with coffee. Really, I would like to have done it with filter paper like the slow drip coffee systems, but plunger coffee made do while I worked away in the studio…



…wrapping orders and trying to find the beauty in such a dismal day. I enjoy candles when it’s like this so much more than usual.

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I also had to contend with our yard flooding. Picture me in my wellies, in torrential rain with a matic, digging 4 trenches to let the water escape!

…I will leave you with that. They worked anyway 😉

Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness,

    The Banana and Coconut bread looks delicious – will you be posting a recipe? I her you with the frantic digging of trenches to let water escape – we do that up at our place in Qld when it rains to stop the run off from the neighbour’s yard into our pool!

    I love the wrapping on your orders – I can’t wait for my Argyle plate and key necklace to come in the mail. Can’t wait for some platters too. Can I preorder a Village series snow platter?

    Hope the sun comes out soon! xx

    • I probably will Andrea…it’s a good one! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there digging 😉
      Thank you, I love wrapping them and your goodies should be going out tomorrow from memory. Unfortunately I am not doing pre orders on the platters…they are a thorn in my side and crack a lot in the kiln. So I will only list them when available…sorry.
      Ness xx

      • I understand with the platters Ness. I love that it is an organic process with so much individual attention, effort and crossing of fingers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a platter sometime in the future and if a couple did come out of the kiln in one piece, I would love to be able to buy one..or two – whatever the design xx

        • When I have them made, I will list them, but they don’t come up very often so keep your eyes out 🙂
          Ness xx

  • Love your art, will be looking into an order.
    The banana bread sounds fabulous, we love coconut over here.

    Thank you for the beautiful share.

    • thank you!
      I will post the recipe soon xx


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