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Last night, I had the most amazingly inspiring time in Battery Point…in a little old red, convict built hall, with a wonderful group of creative people at Kara Rosenlund’s Vignette Class which was part of Megan Morton’s “The School”. 

These gorgeous blooms were foraged by the divine Phil aka, Mister Snippers, who I also had the pleasure of meeting along with Kara’s Husband, Timothy O, super stylist Sophie The and of course, Megan herself.

photo (27)

Kara and Megan shared so much of their wealth of knowledge. We learned Kara’s ‘secrets’ to the perfect vignette (or still life), much of which confirmed what I knew from my days as an art student and it was so nice to put it all to work again and hear it from a stylist/photographers point of view.

PicFrame (6)

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We all broke off into teams and got to dig through Kara’s props to make our own vignettes. These are what the other groups created and I loved seeing my own props worked in amoungst the vignettes, seeing how people use things differently.


I partnered up with Jane from Planet Joy and thought we done really well considering we got side tracked/captivated by Megan Morton giving us styling tips relating to our own businesses, so we only had a few minutes to put this together…but, I loved it! Kara came around to tweak each vignette also so it was a very hands on class…the best!


Jane got a little snap happy…and she knows I am not the most photogenic of people, but insisted we get a photo with the gorgeous Kara…and here we are.


There were sooo many lovelies I finally had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh after ‘knowing them’ through blogging etc over the years. One of them being Michelle from ‘Hugo & Elsa’. I have long loved Michelle’s blog and it really did feel like talking with an old friend…isn’t she gorgeous?!

After a 3 hour drive to get to the class, we had a three hour drive back home (we got home at 1:15am) all I could think about was what Megan had told me…somethings to try with my product shoots, which I done this morning….



Here it is.

Just changing a few of my own techniques with things Megan uses when shooting products for Jamie Oliver and the like…I love it and will have to play about with some more styling and backgrounds.

All in all I would have to say that if you have the opportunity to attend either Kara’s Vignette Class or Megan’s ‘The Science Of Styling’ class, you would not be disappointed…I sure wasn’t.

…and on that note…I’m off to bed xx



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  • What beautiful ideas! I love this!

    • It was a wonderful evening full of great ideas xx

  • hi Ness, I have to say I thought you already had beautiful styling! Actually the first time I even clicked on Kara’s blog I thought her vignettes looked like yours so there you go!
    have a lovely weekend
    Fiona xx

    • Oh, well that’s a nice wrap Fiona! Kara is amazing!!
      Thank you xx

  • It all looks so inspiring. I bet you were crackling with ideas afterwards. And Ness, please don’t ever think that you are not photogenic, you’re gorgeous inside and out and your eyes shine with creativity and generosity. Let yourself feel what we see in you every time a camera is put in front of you. You deserve to shine just like your lovely creations. xx

    • You are such a sweetheart Andrea. Thank you for those kind words…I have never been into having a photo taken. I’d much rather be doing something to do with that photo or behind it 😉
      It was such an inspiring evening and I came home and re-arranged almost every surface in our home!
      …pics to come soon xx

  • It was amazing, wasn’t it?! Such a beautiful experience! I loved the vignette you and Jane created and your food styling is just lovely. Naomi 🙂

    • Absolutely Naomi! It was such a great evening and I so pleased I was able to make it down.
      Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment too xx


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