An Amazing, Dirty and Painful Weekend…



Ahh…School Holidays. That means lazy mornings with no School rush and an easy day with the boys…pfft! Who am I kiding. It has been raining non stop for days here, thunder, lightning, flooding again and cold and super windy. Being that we are into the second month of Spring, you would think this weather was behind us…no, not at all!

So it has been indoors weather for us all, which has had it’s upside like movies, baking etc and…

Marley & Lockyer Plates

while the boys were building Lego today, I did manage to sneak in some time in the studio to get some of the new dinner sized plates photographed, along with some more Christmas. I am almost ready to release Christmas as I want to make sure that international orders have enough time to get sent with the crazy rush of the xmas postal season. I also found out that the ceramic ‘bells’ make great place card holders!


These custom Christmas stars, which feature my own handwriting, have been a MASSIVE hit. I even had Etsy head office send me an email telling me that I was getting a heavy amount of traffic to these stars and to my store…they have been featured on the main page of as well. This was a lovely surprise to wake to yesterday morning. Not long after this email, I found out that my Flag Tags made the ‘Trending’ page!! It has been wonderful knowing they are well received. Taking Marley & Lockyer to different levels has been wonderful to watch and especially when I am always trying to set my work apart for other ceramic designers work has been great. The simpleness of the stars with handwritten names has lead to so many new designs which are currently underway…and I thank you all xx


…there will be the normal Christmas sayings like ‘noel’, ‘wish’, ‘joy’ and ‘hope’ coming soon too. Nights here have been filled with studio work, so I don’t take up the boys’ time with me. It has been tiring, but I am liking the change in light…working by lamps and candles for a change with the howling wind and driving rain on the studio windows.

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Oh, we did start renovating on the weekend…I also smashed my mouth up in the middle of the night from the furniture up the hallway right now…normally it’s not there and when you are half asleep and know your way around, you forget about the big cupboard right outside the bedroom door!!



Here is the BEFORE shot…it has been the ‘Man Cave’ for the longest time and housed a massive slot car track and other ‘guy’ stuff, but ti will soon be the boys’ new bedroom. It hasn’t been painted since we bought the house over 10.5 years ago and the brown/pink band in the deep cornice has always annoyed me…glad to see that go!


…a progress shot. The walls are the most gorgeous, soft grey and I am contemplating a half or quarter strength for the living room (as it needs painting again) and the rest of the room is white. The big wall straight ahead has been finished too, so I will show you some more once we finish it off on the weekend…hopefully.



Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


The house being filled with boxes and furniture where it shouldn’t be, does drive me a bit batty and our bedroom seems to be the only place that feels tidy. I am having the night off from studio work tonight as I am rather pooped from it all…



vsco_0 (4)

and who can deny comfy linen sheets, right?!

photo 1 (1)

So, Christmas will be coming to the Store very soon, as well as some new pieces. You have all been so patient, waiting for the next shop update while I plow through these enormous orders and wholesale batches…so thank you for that.

I promise it’s all not too far away, but first…bed xx



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  • your photos and creations never fail to inspire me, ness. i’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. i hope the weather picks up for you soon 🙂 x

    • Hi Fiona,
      Thank you so much. I am so pleased to hear you are inspired, that means a lot. Weather is all over the place…sunny, now about to pour and windy – can’t win!
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness, What a gorgeous post! Lovely pics and so many ceramic treats to look at.
    Sorry to hear about your stoush with the furniture in the middle of the night – must have really hurt! House looks lovely being refreshed before Christmas. You sound very busy but happily so and I can’t wait for the Christmas Shop update, I know I’ll find a goody or three to add to my collection. Congrats on your Etsy success too – you deserve all the lovely things that come your way xx

    • hhhm…yes, well, it’s all a tad embarrassing, but my face is on the mend now. I am loving all of this painting happening and can’t wait to get some more bits conquered inside and outside. It’s so refreshing don’t you think?
      Have a great weekend, Andrea xx

  • Big congratulations on your stars. They look so lovely and what a great idea to have them as for the table. xx

    • Thanks Sarah! They are great pieces for so many things xx


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