Are you a brewer, or a bagger?….



Hiya! yesterday while Mason and I got were at the grocery store, we happened upon a lady in the tea/coffee isle while we were searching for tea…loose leaf tea. I happened to say to Mason “Not tea bags, buddy, the leaves”, which seemed to get this ladies attention, as she was also looking for it. We stopped and chatted about tea, in the meantime I found what we were looking for and how the ritual of making a pot of tea seems to be lost.


Making pot tea, is not something I have always done…to be honest, I have always been a coffee girl, but lately, Mic and I have been enjoying bringing out a tray, brewing the pot and having the little milk jug we don’t do sugar in the evenings.


Since we have been having tea this way, I can’t seem to come to the humble teabag again. I’m not sure if it is that relaxed ritual of waiting for the tea to brew, and having the little jug and tray etc out and pausing for the day or what…but I love it.


Still can’t do no milk…unless it is Chai, then I have it black.


…and well, this doesn’t happen each time…very rarely infact.


So, I was wondering…do you bag or brew?

Do you stop and enjoy the ritual of having tea and slowing down for it? And what type of tea do you love, cause I am looking for new ones to try? OR…..


do you just still love coffee?

Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness,

    If only tea and coffee are on offer, then it’s tea with heaps of milk. However, my favourite is a frothy hot chocolate any time!!

    • oooo! Yes Eva…especially the ones made with real dark chocolate pieces xx

  • If I’d had a preference I’d certainly prefer a brew. But my husband is a ‘bag-man’ and he tends to make most of the tea in our household, which I have no complaints – he makes a much better cup of tea than me. I, too, think it’s so easy to fall out the brew ritual and to grab a bag. But there is nothing like the intensity and fulfilment of a brew.

    • Absolutely. I think having that breif moment to stop and wait for the tea to brew and to sit and enjoy it, is something we all need to do every now and then when we are all so busy, but like you, time doesn’t always allow that time and a cup of coffee or ‘bag’ has to do.
      Ness xx

  • Hi Ness

    My husband only drinks tea and we only brew it … no tea bags in our house!! I have lots of lovely teapots (mostly vintage) and collect tea cosies and fine china! We mostly get our tea from T2 –
    I also love and drink coffee but never in a takeaway paper cup!!
    Yes I know I am fussy but drinking tea and coffee is a luxury indulgence!

    • That sounds nice! I sometimes use bags, but I am mainly a coffee drinker, but that whole slower ritual of brewing a pot, really appeals to me…although time doesn’t always permit.
      I have heard some of the new T2 blends are really nice…must get some.
      Ness xx


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