The Kinfolk Table & A Busy Few Weeks…


It’s been a while between posts, but I assure you that I have not been slacking off…anything but!

My pre-ordered copy of the divine The Kinfolk Table arrived a few weeks ago and it is beyond amazing! Each recipe, the  philosophy on simple gatherings is right up my alley. I have collected each ‘Journal’ that they have put out and in case you are not sure what it is, Kinfolk is an amazing magazine/book all about small gatherings that are honest, simple and very stylish…in the most humbling, beautiful way. I desperately wanted to attend the Kinfolk gathering in Sydney, but there is just too much happening here at the moment with Marley & Lockyer, that I will have to cook up some of the amazing meals in the book and do our own ‘long table’ dinner with our family.


I must say…that linen cover is much more appealing to me that the beautiful dust jacket. You know I am a sucker for linen!

The custom stars have been a HUGE hit! I am so happy that they have been so well received. Etsy contacted me again about the huge amount of traffic that was coming to my store…and thank you all for that! xx

There was a little…well huge…hiccup – the wrong glaze was sent to me and literally hundreds of stars, plates, bowls etc had to be re made…from scratch! Not what I needed at all, but it is all back on track now and I am starting to see the end of the tunnel.

Mic and I did take the boys to the Art Gallery and the Museum in town, which was a great day and I found so much inspiration from the old signs at the Museum and the John Glover art pieces at the gallery…it kicked off a massive creative streak and I needed that right now.

At the moment I am preparing for the upcoming Launceston Boutique markets, which will be the ONLY Tasmanian market I am doing this holiday season before heading off to Sydney for Finders Keepers. SO if you are about this weekend, I would love to see you!

Ness xx



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  • Argh – I can’t believe you had to re-make so many pieces due to the glaze Ness!!!! #$#@!@ nora – I would be in tears – well done on getting it all re-done. I’ve just ordered the Kinfolk book too – it looks divine – I wanted so badly to go to the lunch as it’ll be divine – especially if Lisa Madigan has anything to do with it – it’ll be a beautiful affair. Am tempted to zoom down the valley on Sun – BUT – we are in the midst of moving house – so can imagine the look on Mr M-B’s face as I tooted goodbye!! {Best I don’t!} {Still mulling the idea!!!!!}

    • Hi gorgeous Jos!
      I know what you mean, that lunch will be amazing. There was also the ‘preserving the season’ event with Luisa Brimble and Jesse James from Supply Paper Co. that u wanted to go to, but this time of year is crazy busy for me.
      How exciting to be moving into a new house! ….yeah, not sure your Mr would appreciate you disappearing for the day


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