Letting Go…


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Every now and then I review the collection of Marley & Lockyer…actually it happens a lot…and I often want to let old designs go…that happens a lot too…but I find it hard. When you enjoy making something as much as I enjoy what I do here, it is hard to decide what needs to go, especially when they have been with me since the beginning. Then other times the decision is made for you.


Recently on the Marley & Lockyer Facebook page, I mentioned that I would be letting go some of the pieces that have been with me and M&L from the beginning.

The “French Script” Tags, although they are very popular in my store, seem to be even more so with the copiers, right down to the styling and photography and some of the copiers have been customers…so they are leaving the range forever.


Along with it will be the “Petite Bird” Tags…also popular on both levels. I don’t have many left of either tag range, so what is left over will be going with me to this Saturday’s Boutique Markets in Launceston and will be sold off there.

I am happy about letting these ones go. It doesn’t represent the collection anymore and having moved on to using my own designs from these very early pieces that have been selling since 2008 makes utter sense. There are a few more that will probably end up being discontinued, however, these two are certain.

It’s onwards and upwards from here my friends with new designs which have been drawn up and made, ready to release in the new year to add to the collection.

Ness xx



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