The ever inspiring ‘The Vintage Rose’…

The Vintage Rose ©Marley&Lockyer


Here is a post which has been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while now…The Vintage Rose.

This store is one of my favourite places to visit, for so many reasons, including the gorgeous owner Amanda, who has become a dear friend and a constant inspiration to me.

vintagerose ©Marley&Lockyer

The store is located in Tamar Street, Launceston and is in a stunning old building with high ceilings planked in wood, brick walls with loads of character, a stunning open wood fire which blazes throughout Winter and some amazing old windows at the front that let in loads of light…I just love being here.

vintagerose ©Marley&Lockyer

This cupboard here is amazing, and has been on my want list…but some lucky person has bought it…as well as just about everything else in store is on the list too. It’s like Amanda is in my head!

vintagerose ©Marley&Lockyer

Lately, Mic and I have been talking about a freshen up of The Old Lady and I have so many images from this store saved…mainly as a colour/texture palette. We seem to share so many loves, Amanda and I, and I could honestly sit and talk to her for hours on vintage pieces, oil paintings, Olive trees, Artichokes, linen, wicker and wire.

vintagerose ©Marley&Lockyer

There have been a few stores try to imitate Amanda’s sense of style…but it has never been re-created. Her background in fashion and antiques has given her such a great eye when sourcing new pieces for the store and I love that when you walk in it doesn’t scream ‘trade fair’. Her pieces come from near and fair and there is always something new/old/unique that you can’t get anywhere else…I love that in a store.

vintagerose ©Marley&Lockyer The Vintage Rose ©Marley&Lockyer

This corner by the old fire is lovely. Stacks of wood, ready to go are piled up in the corner. The mantel is in constant rotation, highlighting gorgeous products.

The Vintage Rose ©Marley&Lockyer

It’s a guarantee that every time I go into The Vintage Rose that there is something amazing, something inspiring

…ooo…see that wire basket in the old French barrel?!! swoon!

If you would like to check out Amanda’s blog, you will also get to see her even more divine home. It’s perfect.

Ness xx



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  • It all looks AMAZING 🙂 I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

    Check out my new post…Cute Swedish Curtain inspiration 🙂

    Have a fab day.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – Swedish decor, food, and fashion

    • Thank you. It was lovely xx

  • hi Ness, thanks for sharing this. No wonder you love her shop-it’s very your style! I love it all also. Very inspiring.
    have a lovely day

    • Oh, it’s amazingly beautiful Fiona. You would love it! xx


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