Cocooning + Working On The New Range


Hi! It’s all go here…I’m back in the studio after a wonderful…very long…holiday. Loads happened about the Old Lady – you know the whole gutting the garden, gutting every room thing that always happens when you are at home for holidays? We are starting work in the garden and preparing everything ready for Autumn so we can get planting. It’s so dry here in Tasmania at the moment…too dry to be planting.

I did manage to have a little change about…like I do…while I was on break. I brought my old medicine cabinet into the kitchen to hold my masses of Ironstone pieces…there’s lot’s

The cupboard used to be the Huskinson (N.S.W) very first medicine cabinet. I found it in a rental years ago and dragged it up from brick rubble, dry chiseled layers of paint off. It’s always been a favourite piece.


It’s brought a bit of warmth into the room

…and also gives me extra hanging and display space…win!

Still flat out baking too. It’s something I will always do. I think having a Dad that was a chef and both of of my Sisters having been in that industry also, has made sure of that! Recently I have gone back to cooking everything from scratch…I mean everything, and let me just say that I am glad for it. This was to become ricotta cakes to go with dinner that night. They are so good!

My beloved Hydrangea garden is starting to change shades…which means Summer is coming to an end. I can honestly say I am ready to cocoon and Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, so it will be most welcome after an enjoyable, hot Summer.

The studio table has been full of textures of late, and this mornings scene was my favourite…all my fave textures and colours are here. You can see a colander I was working on…that I didn’t like, so it’s now my string bowl!

New Range-

The new range is coming along, and I thank you all for your encouraging comments when I have given you sneak peeks. It will be released very soon. I still have some things to tweak and then it will be ready. I am so happy with how it is coming together. This plate is one of my favourites…I spent a lot of time carving the new range to get it just right. I am planning on a set of these for us. Our boys want to use them for their morning toast!

new range -

These big bowls have been lovely to make…frustrating, but lovely. I always wanted to do a mixing/serving bowl and pasta bowls…and here they are…unglazed here as I was too impatient to show you!

I will be revealing more about the range very soon and as always, I would love your thoughts xx

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